We spill the tea on what’s new in CTC’s 24.1 update — get the scoop on changes to installers, HIVE, and the BIM and CIM suites, available for download now.

Changes to Installers

Two different installers are now available:

  • Single user – Does not require admin privileges
  • Multi-user – For deployment to systems that need multiple Windows user logins

Fixed issues with some silent deployment parameters being ignored.

Changes to HIVE

New Features

    • Revit/AutoCAD content materials
    • Improved search functionality


    • Easier content loading
    • Enhanced Revit content processing performance

Changes to BIM Suites

BIM Batch Suite

    • Plotter Exporter: Now supports Autodesk Construction Cloud
    • Plotter Exporter: New option in the scheduler to switch configuration files

BIM Manager Suite

    • Family Preview Manager: Fixed inconsistencies with various Revit elements being displayed/hidden
    • Family Processor: Enable cutting in views added for supported Revit versions

BIM Project Suite

    • Model Dashboard: New tool to provide in-model analytics for Revit project models
    • Model Compare: Resolves errors that could occur when comparing some snapshots
    • Occupant Flow Analyzer: Resolves issues with paths failing because of OOTB and other door libraries

Changes to CIM Suites

CIM Manager Suite

    • Template Tracker: Enhancements to tracking all components, added layer and text styles
    • Style Manager: Added option to remove text in the Find/Replace window form
    • Auto Grader: Multiple features & enhancements

CIM Project Suite

    • Sheet Generator: Resolved an issue that would error out when externally referenced drawings were unloaded
    • Label Genie: Bug fixes for label deletions with filter components and the inability to select single surfaces with the filter component
    • Clash Seeker: Added pressure networks
    • Earthwork Processor: Resolved an issue that wouldn’t allow for right-clicking/deleting of regions from the setlist

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