As a trusted reseller, we offer unique advantages that go beyond buying directly from Leica. Our knowledgeable staff brings years of experience and technical know-how to assist you in selecting the perfect scanner for your specific needs. With training and support, value-added services, custom solutions, competitive pricing, and financing options, we ensure you make the most of your investment. With ATG as your Leica partner, you can unlock the full potential of this cutting-edge technology.

Leica BLK 3D

With the Leica BLK3D, you can capture 2D photos on-site and use them for precise measurements. This innovative tool provides on-site verification and annotation features, making it easier to overcome challenges, eliminate manual calculations, and even get measurements for those tricky, hard-to-reach areas.

Leica BLK 2GO

The Leica BLK2GO is a portable handheld imaging laser scanner that efficiently captures accurate and detailed point cloud data. It is perfect for scanning both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to capture data in real-time while moving freely.

Leica BLK360 – G1

The original Leica BLK360 G1 is an award-winning laser scanner packed with features that make it reliable, fast and easy to use. Its single-button operation makes it perfect for those new to reality capture.

New Leica BLK360

The newest Leica BLK360 is over five times faster than the G1 and can capture a full scan with spherical images in only 20 seconds. That’s about 680,000 points per second compared to the G1’s 360,000 points per second!

Leica RTC360

The Leica RTC 360 makes reality capture faster by capturing two million points per second with advanced HDR imaging and colored point clouds in under two minutes. Thanks to automated field registration, there’s no need for manual intervention when moving between stations.

Leica ScanStation P-Series

Leica ScanStation P-Series laser scanners are your perfect partner when capturing 3D geometry of civil infrastructure, creating an as-built representation of a large industry complex, reconstructing a crime scene, or generating 3D data for integration into BIM.

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