Reality Capture

Level up your Reality Capture Game.

Gear up.  ATG can power your project with Leica laser scanners and BIMBOX computers, engineered specifically to handle large point clouds.

Master the skills.  So, you’ve got the gear.  Now what?  Our Implementation Services team will help you understand the equipment and maximize their potential.

Get the point[cloud].  Don’t have time to scan it yourself?  Take the most efficient path and let ATG capture the project for you.

Connect the dots.  What good is the data if you can’t do anything with it?  Let our technical experts work their magic to create a model on top of the point cloud.

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Groundbreaking ROI

Whenever we talk to companies looking to make the change over to BIMBOX, benchmarks are a great place to start. Typically, we are 39-300% faster than existing systems.