Do you ever get annoyed with constant ‘???’ in your labels and tables? Does it get frustrating having to select each pipe and structure individually to get rid of them? We hear you and understand! Parts Tagger solves these issues and saves you time in the process!

Parts Tagger Interface

You can get to the Parts Tagger tool by going to the CIM Project Suite tab in Civil 3D.

Locate Project Cleaner

Then navigate to the Pipes section and click on Parts Tagger.

Locate Project Cleaner

To start out, let’s go over what Parts Tagger looks like and what it offers.

  1. Help – Opens the CTC CIM Project Suite User Guide section for this tool.
  2. Videos – Links you to YouTube videos about this tool.
  3. Support – Links you to the CTC Support Page.
  4. About – Tells you about this tool and other helpful things.
  5. Clear Selection – Remove previously selected structures / pipes from current selection.
  6. Add Parts Interactively – Allows interactive selection of structures / pipes from drawing.
  7. Add All Parts – Adds all structures / pipes from drawing.
  8. Select By Network – Allows selection of multiple structures / pipes by pipe network.
  9. Structure Selected – number of structures selected to have values modified / assigned to them.
  10. Properties fields (Material, Frame, Grate, Cover, Surface Adjustment Value, Sump Depth, Reference Surface, Reference Alignment, Description) – Value added changes value in structure properties. <Do Not Modify> leaves the value unchanged.
  11. Pipes Selected – Number of pipes selected to have values modified / assigned to them.
  12. Properties Fields (Reference Surface, Reference Alignment, Description) – Value added changes value in pipe properties. <Do Not Modify> leaves the value unchanged.

Dynamic Labels

Update Dynamic Labels Quickly

To start out, you will click on the Parts Tagger button in the ribbon.

You will be prompted to select the structures and pipes you want to include.

You can either select them in the drawing or select ‘ALL,’ which will select all structures and pipes in the file, and then press ‘Enter’.

For this example, I selected them in the drawing.

The Parts Tagger window will then open, and you can see all of the data you can modify. All lines are set to <Do Not Modify> as default.

For this set of labels, we are going to modify the Reference Alignment and Description. Press ‘OK’ to save the changes.

As you can see, the labels were automatically updated with the correct information referenced.

Pipe & Structure Tables

Efficiently Update Pipe & Structure Tables

For this example, I will go over how to update tables and eliminate those pesky ‘???’ and empty spaces.

Like the last example, you will click on Parts Tagger in the Pipes section under the CTC CIM Project Suite Tab.

This time though, we are going to click (or type) ‘ALL’

With all the pipes selected, we will look at the pipes tab of Parts Tagger. As with the structures tab, all lines are set to <Do Not Modify> as default.

We want all the pipes to be verified and the correct stationing and offset to show in the table.

Once updated, click ‘OK’. You will then see the changes reflected in the table.


I hope after reading this blog you feel more comfortable navigating the Parts Tagger interface. Utilizing this handy tool, you can easily and efficiently update your dynamic labels and tables all in one place.


Kaitlin Bosma

Civil Technical Specialist

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