How to Easily Verify Your Families in Revit

CTC Family Checker is a tool in the BIM Manager Suite that helps verify how well family files follow standards and best practices. 

BMS tab

Using the tool tab, Family Checker will provide an executive summary, showing you a “Revit Family Health Checklist.” This is standard for all Revit families from specific manufacturers to any that are created by a designer or drafter.

furnace family in Revit

Here is a Revit family created by a designer of an HVAC furnace (My furnace.rfa). It contains duct connections, piping connections, and an electrical power supply attachment and is not from any HVAC manufacturer, so it will not contain any parameters from the manufacturer. Once you run Family Checker on this family, Revit will list all warnings and information that are non-compliant within that family compared to a Revit family from a manufacturer.

The example below is a summary of the Revit family created by a mechanical designer. It lists the file name, family type, and family category, which is mechanical equipment.

Revit family health checklist

Like all safety color codes, RED requires attention. YELLOW is for caution, while GREEN is good (see summary. GREEN can also show “false” in the summary). In the CTC Family Checker, the information listed is based on the family parameter information contained in the family. These parameters state whether the family can be compliant with the manufacturer’s information and contents, any MEP connections, hosting other Revit families, and other status, contents, and constraints.

By using this, you can review and edit your parameters by having the data and parameter information part of the Building’s Information Model (BIM). To avoid or limit these RED warnings, the designer must include all specific manufacturers’ parameters required for BIM information and/or to have the family connected to other systems or powered by electrical means.

This Revit family is from an HVAC manufacturer of a 4-ton rooftop unit, from carrier A/C. The summary listed below will show the difference between a Revit family created by a designer and a Revit family created by the manufacturer’s CAD department. Based on the units, the Revit family is from an HVAC manufacturer of a 4-ton rooftop unit, from Carrier A/C. The summary listed below will show the HVAC unit’s information along with certain parameters for BIM.

furnace family in Revit

This carrier unit (RTU-Gas-Carrier-48FC_3_6_Ton.rfa) will contain all the manufacturer’s HVAC requirements and parameters based on this actual unit, from the cooling and heating coil information to the power requirements and the ASHRAE standards. Also, all supply, return, and outside air ductwork connections, and refrigeration and condensate piping connections.

The example shown below is a summary of a Revit family created by the HVAC manufacturer’s CAD department. Listed in this summary is the file name of their Revit family, the family type, and the family category stating the type of category this family was created in. This Revit family summary will differ from a Revit family created by an HVAC designer.

Revit family health checklist - carrier unit

CTC Family checker will also list a family health checklist legend for you to better understand the warnings and how to fix or correct the issues listed and given to you. Listed below are the results of the carrier A/C 4-ton unit and its parameters:

Family Checker results for carrier
Family Checker results for carrier
Family Checker results for carrier
Revit family health checklist - final results 3
Revit family health checklist - additional compliance
Revit family health checklist - secondary criteria status

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