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ATG’s Architectural + Structural Services provide a better way to manage an overflow of design work, train your team or even assist your entire firm with an AutoCAD to Revit transition.

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Let our team know if you would like to learn more about our solutions.

Give us a shout – we’re here to help!

Get in touch

Let our team know if you would like to learn more about our solutions.

Give us a shout – we’re here to help!

Scan to CAD or Revit

Through seamless collaboration with ATG’s Reality Capture team, we leverage cutting-edge scans to tailor-make precisely what your project demands. Our process of crafting as-built plans and elevations in both CAD and Revit efficiently optimizes your project team’s workflow, eliminating the need for on-site measurements and subsequent drafting. Worries about measurement errors are eradicated.

Our comprehensive delivery includes not only the ultimate as-built DWG or Revit model but also the original scan files, ensuring a complete package that sets a new standard for precision and efficiency in project documentation.

PDF to CAD or Revit

Effortlessly convert your PDF files to CAD or Revit formats by simply forwarding them to our team along with your company’s CAD or Revit template. We ensure swift turnaround, returning the completed CAD file or Revit model promptly.

For a more comprehensive solution, consider leveraging our expertise to collaborate on your Construction Documents, ensuring precision and efficiency every step of the way.

Construction Documents

Our approach to Construction Documents is centered around seamless integration with your team. By directly collaborating with your Project Lead(s) and adopting your project model and standards, we ensure a unified effort where your deadlines become ours. This not only allows firms to concentrate on their core competencies but also minimizes the risks associated with errors in construction drawings.

Moreover, our adaptable approach ensures quick alignment with technological advancements, keeping you ahead in the industry.

Custom Training

The connection between custom training services, employee retention, and continuing education is significant, especially in industries where technologies are rapidly evolving. Custom Training services help address skill gaps that help employers retain and grow talent.

Our custom Revit training offers a more tailored, efficient, and flexible learning experience that directly addresses the unique needs of our clients.

Template Review

Embark on a journey of optimization with our Revit template review service. We meticulously evaluate the effectiveness and alignment of your Revit template with your organization’s workflow. This critical analysis offers a plethora of benefits, amplifying efficiency, fostering standardization, and ultimately enhancing the success of your projects.

Our tailored approach ensures that your templates are finely tuned to maximize productivity and streamline your workflow seamlessly.

Template Build

Crafting a personalized Revit template entails adjusting default settings, families, and configurations to align precisely with the unique requirements and standards of a specific organization or project. These custom-made templates not only streamline the initiation of new projects but also result in substantial time and cost savings for clients.

Content Creation

As projects evolve in complexity, the demand for tailored content aligned with client-specific requirements becomes imperative for the efficient development and management of projects. This customization helps mitigate the impact of changes and modifications during project production, thereby saving valuable time and reducing costs.

The opportunity to engage with top-tier industry experts empowers our clients to allocate more time to the creative design aspects of their projects, alleviating the burden associated with extensive content development.