What is MYAB?

MYAB, or Multi-Year Annually Billed, is a software agreement that’s similar to 3-year agreements, but instead of paying the full amount upfront, your software is billed and paid on an annual basis.

Who should consider MYAB?

Unlike the standard yearly license, MYAB is a great way to avoid subscription price increases and lock in your rate over the next three years, allowing you to streamline budgeting and maintain access to your software.

It works great for customers with licenses that were converted to the subscription model, or traded in from multi-user to single-user licenses.

How does ATG help the customers through this process?

  • Early notification: You’ll be contacted 90 days before your renewal or expiration date and can choose to do an annual renewal or a MYAB.
  • Expert guidance: Your dedicated Customer Success Representative will walk you through the process and answer any questions.
  • Seamless setup: We’ll ensure your MYAB is implemented correctly and provide support throughout the duration of your agreement.
  • Annual reminders: We’ll remind you of upcoming payments and facilitate the process for years two and three.

When should I start the conversation about MYAB?

Due to the additional steps involved, your CSR will reach out at the beginning of your 90-day renewal window to ensure there is plenty of time to finalize everything before your renewal date.

Want to take advantage of a MYAB at your next renewal date? Talk to your CSR to explore your options and get started!

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