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Custom Training & Mentoring

Benefits of custom training: focused learning, real-world application, flexibility, expertise you can trust.

that is...

Custom Training

- How can Custom Training Help your workflows?

ATG offers "beyond the book” training.

Our training isn’t simply helping you use the software better, although we can certainly do that with our bootcamp or essentials training. Custom Training at ATG goes “beyond the book” training, we make your software work for your company!

Need help learning how to use your software more efficiently for specific projects…let us help. No company uses Revit or Civil3D exactly the same way.

Why get training by a generic book that walks you through steps your firm might not take? We can customize it to exactly what you need.

What about standards?

We can train your users with your template and standards, meaning that they’ll learn to design and draft in ways that match your company’s output.

Don’t have standards…we can help with that too!

Some software we build custom training around includes:

Ready to understand how ATG can get your team on the same level and improve the way projects are executed?

- How can Project Mentoring help your company?

Combined 1300+ years of experience.

Our industry experts have not only come from industry, but are now certified trainers that can build up your team to feel confident in tackling the work that is on their plate.

What is a Mentor?

From drafters to designers to architects to engineers, our technical staff has spent years working at firms like yours. Now that they’ve spent some time at ATG, they are well versed in the latest workflows, best practices, and techniques as well.

Our ATG “way”, mixed with their existing technical prowess has created an incredible team of mentors ready to show you how to be more effective, efficient, and successful. It’s not the “we’ve always done it this way”, it’s the ATG way. 

Custom Training

How does this help you?

    We train your staff on specific workflows WHILE they are working on real, billable projects. This way they can learn best practices, while contributing to a project. This reduces the overhead cost of training considerably and ramps up the user much faster. 

✔    Mentoring with other industry experts gives your team the confidence to take on new projects.

✔    Normally mentoring is done internally, meaning you’re taking 2 people out of production while one person mentors the other. It becomes quite inefficient to do the necessary training sometimes when there’s projects that need to get out the door! But hey, if you want help doing the production part, we can do that too.

Let ATG help get your team get ready today!