Civil 3D Assemblies

HIVE now supports out-of-the-box Civil 3D assemblies, which will completely replace tool pallets. Any custom assemblies that require custom subassemblies are not yet supported. 

CIM Templates

Templates from CIM Project Suite and CIM Manager Suite, including custom settings, can now be loaded into HIVE. When you launch your template in HIVE, your settings and the tool will open. Keep an eye out for BIM template support in future releases. 

Revit Schedule Improvements with Calculated Columns

In previous versions of HIVE and even natively in Revit, users had trouble with calculated columns in schedules, specifically when transferring them from one project to another. With HIVE 23.0, you can now do calculated and combined columns without any issue. 

If you had calculated columns in a previous version of HIVE, you’ll have to reprocess them so that HIVE can update and support them in the latest version. 

AutoCAD MEP Support V1

Previous issues with AutoCAD MEP profiles caused HIVE to not launch. HIVE 23.0 corrects this issue and adds support for LISP routines, blocks, etc.  

AutoCAD Content Update Improvements and Content Rename

When adding AutoCAD content to HIVE, you now have the option to update existing content instead of replacing it. Content rename allows users to rename their content and process into HIVE. 

AutoCAD Multiple MS Viewport Support

In previous versions of HIVE, users that had multiple model space viewports set up had trouble processing content and properly generating previews. HIVE 23.0 corrects this issue. 

Updated AutoCAD Processing

HIVE 23.0 introduces updates to the AutoCAD processing engine to improve consistency and speed, making it more stable for end users. 

Revit MEP Additional Category Support 

Users that have MEP settings can add and process those in HIVE, similar to wall and door types. Stay tuned for additional updates on the Revit MEP side of HIVE.  

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