2 Life-Saving Tools for Life Safety in Revit

Gone are the days of using an individual installer for each individual CTC Software suite. With the new unified installers from CTC Software, you can reduce the number of installers needed by more than half, eliminating clutter and confusion from the software installation process. Plus, you can make your process even easier with removed admin privileges, maintained user settings, roaming profile support and more. 

old vs. new installers

Download the new unified installers for BIM, CIM and HIVE:

With the addition of the new unified installers also comes several new features and changes for all CTC suites and HIVE:

  • Admin privilege requirements removed – For those with less-agile IT departments, admin privilege requirements for workstations have been removed so you can update your tools to the latest version right when you need it.
  • Facilitates user-specific settings – If users are sharing a workstation, they can now work with the settings they prefer by customizing and saving their settings for the next time they use the tools.
  • Supports roaming profiles – Roaming profiles are now supported for companies using virtual environments/workstations, so no matter which machine you’re working on, your settings will follow you.
  • Optional Suite Inclusions – In the 23.7 version of all the suites, there are optional app inclusions both from a silent and manual/interactive deployment. For example, if you’re primarily an architectural firm, you probably won’t be using the CIM suites for Civil 3D, so you can choose to exclude those from the installation process.
  • Add-in File Locations – Add-in files are now stored in a different location:
    • Old: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins
    • New: %AppData%\Autodesk\Revit\Addins
  • Common Settings Push
    • Old: C:\ProgramData\CTC
    • New: C:\Users\Public\CTC Software

Using the Installers for Existing Customers

If version 23.3 or older is already installed, existing customers will need to go through a one-time upgrade process to start using the new installers and settings capabilities. For this process, admin privileges are required to upgrade so that old directories can be accessed to bring settings over. All tools must be upgraded at the same time because the unified installers are not compatible with the older systems. We recommend installing the BIM and CIM suites first and then HIVE, however, feel free to install them in the order you’d like.

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