For a full overview of Flex, please visit Autodesk Flex vs. Subscription: What’s Right for You? or watch our Flex webinar to get all your questions answered!

How does Flex work?

Step 1:

Buy tokens for your team.

Step 2:

Assign users to Flex in your Autodesk Account.

Step 3:

Use tokens when a Flex user opens a product.

Step 4:

Track token use and spending.

Getting started with Flex is simple. You can estimate the amount of tokens you need based on your usage data and give your users access to all the product included with Flex or a subset, it’s up to you.

How long do I have to use my Autodesk tokens? Do they roll over?

You have one year from the purchase date to use your tokens for Flex. As Flex is a pay as you go model, tokens do not roll over and you may purchase additional tokens at any time. You will receive notifications from Autodesk when you have a low balance.

How am I charged for Flex product usage?

Tokens are charged when the user opens the product, and they can use that product for 24 hours before they are charged again. Users will not be charged for using multiple versions or reopening the product within the 24-hour period.

Can I have both subscriptions and Flex in my team?

Yes, absolutely! Admins can have users on a mix of subscriptions and Flex. When a user is assigned to both subscriptions and Flex, subscriptions will be used before tokens.

Which Autodesk plan benefits do I receive when I buy Autodesk tokens?

Users assigned to Flex will automatically receive the benefits of the plan you currently have for your subscriptions (standard, premium, enterprise or education). If you do not have any existing Autodesk subscriptions, your users assigned to Flex will automatically receive the Standard plan. If you would like to upgrade to a Premium plan or have any questions about Autodesk pricing, please reach out to your ATG representative.

What if I run out of tokens and my users try to open a product?

If your team does not have enough tokens, users will lose access to Flex and will be unable to open the product. Flex is a pay as you go model, so users will be able to use products once more tokens are purchased.

How do I manage Flex after purchase?

Track token usage and spending all from the reporting section of your account. 

Can I restrict user access to Autodesk products included with Flex?

Admins can provide access to all products included with Flex to all users or restrict access to specific products or users.

How are Autodesk tokens different from cloud credits?

Tokens can be used only for products included with Flex. Cloud credits are used for pay-per-result cloud services, such as rendering, which are not included with Flex at this time.

Are there discounts for non-profit businesses or students?

No, there are no discounts for non-profits or students available for Flex.

If I purchase Flex, am I in a Token Flex Enterprise Business Agreement?

No, only select companies qualify for an Enterprise Business Agreement, which includes access to Token Flex and other benefits. Please contact an ATG representative if you are interested in getting started with Enterprise or have any questions about pricing.

I need more than 10,000 tokens, are larger quantities available?

Yes, you can purchase quantities ranging from 15,000 to 50,000 tokens. Contact your ATG representative for larger quantities.

Token Quantity

15,000 tokens

25,000 tokens

50,000 tokens

Total Cost




Price per Token




How do I get started with Flex?

Need help to determine if Flex is a fit for your needs? Get expert guidance from ATG before you buy! Reach out to your Sales Representative or contact us to get started.

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