Shive-Hattery is a consulting firm that goes beyond traditional design. Consistently ranked in the top 20% of architecture, engineering and construction firms for client satisfaction, cultivating relationships is their focus. Employing more than 400 people in 10 markets, Shive-Hattery offers customized solutions to all clients. With over 3500 Revit families in their library that require maintaining a copy for each active version of Revit. server space is critical. For over 7 years, they have leveraged various CTC Express Tools, with BIM Project Suite being utilized heavily. As Revit was adopted at different rates through their various offices, staff applied BIM Project Suite and other Tools to develop workflows that helped production employees find benefits and promote change. 

Tools Used Inside BIM Project Suite

“The most prominent tool we used was BIM List Browser for content management. We have a philosophy that our Startup Files should be lightweight and only contain content that is used by 90% or more of our projects,” said James Moore, Project Manager. “Having a system in place allowing our staff to find the additional model components they needed was critical for the efficient delivery of projects. Other tools that are frequently used by our staff include Parameter Jammer for getting vendor content updates with our shared parameters for scheduling, Schedule XL to bring information in from Microsoft Excel for use in drawings and the Renumbering Tool for quickly updating room and door numbers.”


“We have started working with Spreadsheet Link to create automated workflows,” said James. “Using the power of Excel lookup tables and calculated cells, we now have routines that help our teams develop occupant loads and populate the fire rating for doors based on the settings for their host walls. The time saved by our users having the content in the current version of Revit and not waiting for the software to upgrade a family each time it is loaded more than offsets the licensing costs.”

“I would recommend BIM Project Suite to firms of all sizes. ”

James Moore

Project Manager, Shive-Hattery

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