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Bluebeam® Revu® maximizes efficiency across the construction project lifecycle. The software contains PDF markup tools designed specifically for the AEC industry- such as the textbox, cloud+ and highlighter. It’s never been easier to add customized annotations to drawings and plans. For markups that tend to show up on every project, Revu has the Tool Chest that will house these repetitive markups. It is common to separate these common markups into individual Tool Sets inside of the Tool Chest. These Tool Sets can be created based on discipline of the markup or even by what phase the markup is being placed.

But what happens when you need to markup a PDF and that markup must be to scale? Maybe the turn radius of an ADA bathroom or maybe a 5-foot desk? Since the original pdf could be at any scale, if it is set to an industry standard scale, one might need to have the ADA turn radius drawn at every scale and then added to the toolset(s)Revu allows the user to set a scale to all the markups inside a toolset.

When the toolset is set to one scale, and if the overall PDF is set to another scale, the size of the markup will increase or decease so that the toolset scale matches the PDF scale. To make this work, the objects need to be at a set scale. The 5-foot desk will be created where it is 1.25 inches long and .625 inches wide (60×30 Desk) which is equivalent to ¼ scale or ¼”=1’. Placing the desk into the toolset will not do anything until a scale is applied to the toolset.

Left click on the settings gear next to the Tool Set and select Set Scale, set the desired scale and click Apply Scale. Now every markup in this Toolset will scale based on the scale of the PDF.

MyTools is now scalable at ¼ scale.

The example in this toolset will always place a 4’, 8’, 12’, or 24’ long structure. Regardless of the scale of the pdf. In this case the 4’ structure would come in at a physical length of a half inch (1/8” Scale).

Scaling the Tool Sets allow for markups to come in at a size relative to the scale of the pdf making Revu that much more powerful in your daily functions.

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Full release notes can be found here.

Bluebeam and Revu are registered trademarks of Bluebeam, Inc., used under license.


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