Customer Challenge

Clancy & Theys Construction is a nationally-recognized regional contractor with a broad spectrum of project types across all offices. After learning about BIMBOX at Autodesk University, Clancy & Theys decided to move forward with the partnership. “We had looked at many options from Dell to BOXX, but they couldn’t meet our performance expectations. We were looking for a better competitor to offer a better product and function in the long-term,” said Mike Infinger, Director of Information Technology.

Project Goals

The main goal was to find a computer that could handle everything – multi-tasking, Revit model coordination, point cloud processing and more.

“With all the stuff we think about daily, like projects and workflows, the goal is to not spend so much effort thinking about the computer, and to get something that can handle anything we throw at it, allowing us to focus on the task at hand,” said Kyle Snyder, VDC Coordinator.


After further review and discussion, Clancy & Theys purchased Stryker II desktops and laptops for their entire VDC team. “We have talented people on our staff that are working with many different types of software. I want our team to have the tools they need to do their job better. It’s important to me that we look for the right hardware. That’s why we researched and decided on BIMBOX,” said Harry McKinney, Vice President of Technology & Innovation.

Business Outcomes

Since switching to BIMBOX, my computer frustration has gone down drastically,” said Kyle. “In addition to the typical authoring software the design team uses, we can have multiple programs up at the same time without problems switching between them during a meeting. This really allows us to cover more topics and shift focus where we need it, providing us versatility and flexibility during our daily meetings.”

“If you are considering BIMBOX as the machine of choice, one of the most important things is that they work with your needs. ATG and the BIMBOX team were there from the moment I made contact at Autodesk University. I spoke a lot with Buck Davis [Founder of BIMBOX] and you can really tell how passionate he is. When working with sales, I had nothing but a good experience – they really wanted to understand what our VDC coordinators were doing and what we needed the machines for.”

Mike Infinger

Director of Information Technology, Clancy & Theys

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