The Super-Secret to Small Business Growth – Without Losing Your Identity

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You’ve built a successful business in the AEC+ space, and now you’re ready to take it to the next level. But odds are you’ve run into an age-old catch-22:
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You need more staff so you can take on more (and bigger!) projects.
You need bigger projects so you can afford more staff.

So, how do you break the growth crazy cycle?

Introducing: Your Production Service Superheroes

Many people think of ATG as a software reseller, but come close and I’ll tell you our true, secret identity: We’re a multidiscipline AEC firm that just happens to sell software. Our fully staffed from-industry teams are packed with experts in architecture, structural engineering, civil engineering, MEP, and even reality capture. And they’re ready to pick up your extra production work…all while making it look like YOU.

Never Fear! Take the uncertainty out of outsourcing.

Outsourcing can be scary – you don’t know if the work will be up to the standards that you (and your customers) require. But at ATG, we are passionate about working your way. We’ll review past projects to learn your styles, then stay in constant communication throughout the life of the project. We’ll do the work, you take the credit, and nobody’s going to know… 😉

The Big Payoff

When you offload the “grunt work” you can focus on what the client really hired you to do – design. And when the project is complete, you don’t need to worry about payroll, benefits packages, or awkward “what do we do with this person now?” meetings. Instead, you can use that time and energy to go after more projects, knowing we’ll be here, ready to re-emerge from the shadows when you need us.

Don’t take our word for it.

Our team is all about making you more productive and efficient, so let’s not waste time with more words from us. Check out these Customer Success Stories to see how our super squad has helped teams like yours:

“ATG has proven to be a reliable partner. They have always delivered what they promised, when they promised it. Working with ATG has given us more flexibility in how we produce our work. It allows us to handle large projects without adding staff to do so.”

Zac Wallace, Project Manager, Wallace Architects

“I would highly recommend ATG for CAD support and management. We’ve had good feedback from our users and ATG has delivered everything we’ve asked for. They’ve answered all our questions and are easy to work with, regardless of who we’re speaking to or what software we’re working with. It seems like no problem is too small or out of reach for ATG.”

Matt HawkinsCivil Engineering Specialist, TKDA

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“ATG is awesome and very confident in the services they provide. I would highly recommend them for any design services. They are a lifesaver and help us get bulk work done more efficiently. The power I found with ATG is that they bring in licensed architects specifically for my field, so you don’t have to train them on detailing, elevations, etc. ATG just knows from the start how to get from A to Z. They can take the ball and run with it without a lot of handholding, which to me is key.”

Jeb MoyerOwner, Moyer Design

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Meet your Productivity Avengers

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