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CAD Support and Management, Delivered – TKDA

CAD Support and Management, Delivered - TKDA

The Challenge

TKDA is full-service engineering, architecture and planning firm with over 300 employees across the country. The main challenge TKDA faced involved multiple divisions within the company. These divisions had their own set of details, drawings standards, etc., so they weren’t consistent throughout the company.

“We wanted to standardize across all divisions, so our drawings looked the same when they were delivered. We had tried this on our own with a little success, but we knew we needed outside direction on next steps to align all divisions on a single corporate path for our firm,” said Matt Hawkins, Civil Engineering Specialist at TKDA. Matt has been with TKDA for 20 years using AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and even some Revit and Navisworks.

TKDA’s main goal was to determine a corporate path and standardize details across all divisions. ATG helped ensure information from all divisions was accessible to all employees by switching from a network-based to a local-based deployment. 

  • Standardize all details with a local-based deployment to ensure access for all employees 
  • Expand training and knowledge in Civil 3D and Bluebeam 
  • Prioritize updates, issues and changes with “virtual office hours” from ATG 


Kyle Groves, Sr. Civil Technical Specialist at ATG, is available three days per month to consult with TKDA. These “virtual office hours” provide time for CAD and BIM leadership to discuss updates, ask questions, troubleshoot issues, train employees, etc.

“Kyle has essentially become a part of TKDA – everyone knows him, and he is very accessible. He kept us moving forward, and while the rest of us were busy with production, he was able to focus, get things done and present them to us in a timely fashion,” said Matt.

Business Outcomes

The relationship with TKDA began with licensing transfers, but evolved to include consulting, training, production work and more.

“ATG gave us an outside look into our company and provided great perspectives from the industry to implement changes we were struggling with.”

As a trusted partner with TKDA for nearly four years, ATG has helped users become more efficient, adjust workflows and develop a lasting partnership.

“We’ve generated numerous friendships with Kyle, and his professionalism, knowledge and ability to adapt our environment is exactly what we needed,” said Matt.


I would highly recommend ATG for CAD support and managementWe’ve had good feedback from our users and ATG has delivered everything we’ve asked for. They’ve answered all of our questions and are easy to work with, regardless of who we’re speaking to or what software we’re working withIt seems like no problem is too small or out of reach for ATG.

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