Customer Challenge

Moyer Design + Build is a small firm that designs and builds custom residential homes from start to finish. Due to team capacity and workload, it was difficult to keep up with technical work. Moyer Design reached out to ATG for production services assistance. “ATG helped facilitate the process and push into construction documents to get a lot of the bulk work done that we didn’t have time for,” said Jeb Moyer, Owner of Moyer Design.


Moyer Design’s main goal was to alleviate workload and produce construction documents in a timely manner.

  • Facilitate bulk work in Revit
  • Produce and deliver construction documents by deadline


With a focus on designing and building custom residential homes, Moyer Design needs permanent sets for construction documents. ATG was responsible for creating complete construction documents to deliver with the design. “Specifically on our projects, we’re working on custom residential, so we push to build permanent sets. Floor plans, elevation sections, details – essentially producing all that work for a full set of construction documents,” Jeb said.

Business Outcomes

Working on a deadline tends to cause a lot of pressure, but ATG continues to deliver high-quality work to meet Moyer Design’s deadlines. “We were working on a complex wood-burning masonry fireplace detail, and I had prepared the basic design concept and framework for getting the detail done. I tasked ATG with detailing that fireplace so I could begin redlining, and what I received was spot-on. The details were excellent,” said Jeb.

“ATG is awesome and very confident in the services they provide. I would highly recommend them for any design services. They are a lifesaver and help us get bulk work done more efficiently. The power I found with ATG is that they bring in licensed architects specifically for my field, so you don’t have to train them on detailing, elevations, etc. ATG just knows from the start how to get from A to Z. They can take the ball and run with it without a lot of handholding, which to me is key.”

Jeb Moyer

Owner, Moyer Design

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