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Laser Scanning for Beginners

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Laser scanning may seem intimidating, but we can help you succeed outside your comfort zone! Read on to learn how and where to set up a laser scanner + register points with Leica Cyclone Register 360 on an iPad. I’ll walk you through where to set up your scanner for each scan and what to look for on the Cyclone app when linking scans together.

Using the Scanner

First, we’ll discuss where you should set up your scanner for the best results. Whether you’re scanning inside or outside, it’s important to start at an entry door. This will help you later when you are stitching everything together. Make sure your doors are open and that you scan outside the door, inside the door frame and then inside the room.

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After these three initial scans, just move around the rooms and make sure you position the scanner with a direct line of sight. If scanning around objects or corners, you will need to do several scans to get all sides visible. Leaving doors open when scanning will also help you combine the scans in Register 360.

Register Your Scans

When using the Field 360 app on your iPad, you will need to join the scans. Here a few examples of what that will look like.

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The picture above shows two unjoined links. To join, all you need to do is click the far right red circle, click the two links, then click Start Alignment.
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Once complete, align the scans to ensure accuracy. For this scan you can line up the walls, doors and furniture and then click on Create Link.
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Continue to do this through the scanning process, as seen next.
Laser Scanning for Beginners

This is one of the many services our Reality Capture team offers to those looking for accurate and cost-effective scans of a building/residence.

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