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How to Protect Your Data this Storm Season

How to Protect Your Data this Storm Season

Storm season is in full swing, but your data doesn’t have to be swept away! Businesses that rely on local servers and inadequate data solutions risk losing critical information when disaster strikes, leading to lost projects, wasted resources, and financial setbacks.

The key to success = A robust data protection strategy! 

By utilizing solutions for data security and management, businesses can mitigate these risks by backing up and protecting their data. Through ATG’s partnership with Advance2000, you can bring top IT solutions into your firm’s technology infrastructure, effectively strengthening your systems to protect against the unexpected.  

Let’s explore how! 

Secure it

Backing up and securing your data is extremely important, especially for firms that still run on local servers. Strong storms, ransomware attacks, and other disasters can disrupt operations and put your data at risk. But no matter what happens, you need to ensure your data is backed up and secure. 

That’s where our team comes in. We can help protect your data by providing IT risk assessments, strategies, cybersecurity, and more: 

  • Advanced cybersecurity solutions: Address vulnerabilities before they become exploits by assessing risks to your cybersecurity. By taking precautions, you can mitigate issues, reduce insurance premiums, and improve business operations. 
  • IT risk assessment: Weak points in your IT infrastructure pose many risks to your technology and data, including misconfigurations, lack of compliance, and missed backups. With an IT risk assessment, our team can uncover weaknesses and deploy a game plan to remediate any associated risks. 
  • Risk Scorecards: Monitor security risks and effectively navigate IT and cyber threats with real-time insights to ensure your data remains protected. 
  • Advanced Email Protection: Your project data isn’t the only thing at risk. Phishing attempts, spam, and other email security issues have a major impact on productivity and communication data. 

Retain it

Losing project data due to a disaster can be a major setback. Just imagine the wasted time and resources required to recreate critical designs, specifications, or project documentation. Plus, when your data isn’t connected, it’s challenging to ensure your data is consistent across multiple teams and locations. Luckily, cloud technology offers a powerful solution. 

Specifically created for AEC professionals, Advance2000’s BIM Cloud technology enables true collaboration and communication for the entire design, engineering, and construction teams. This translates to reduced downtime from server issues, improved data management and file sharing, enhanced project productivity, and access to real-time features like analytics and AI applications. 

Additionally, Advance2000’s flash storage systems ensure rapid data access while maintaining security, privacy, and real-time functionality. By utilizing a cloud platform, teams can quickly work with their data as if they were on local servers, but with the convenience of retaining that same data throughout the project.

Use it

Your data holds immense value, but even the most secure data is useless if you can’t access it when you need it. However, with the right tools and infrastructure, your team can access the data they need seamlessly, ensuring project progress continues uninterrupted. 

By leveraging solutions like Virtual Desktops from Advance2000, you can access your data and desktop from anywhere, at any time, and from any device, all while maintaining the processing power you need to run intensive and complex applications. 

In addition to the flexibility that VDs provide, you can also benefit from disaster recovery and better security, IT management, budgeting, and flexibility: 

  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery: Get a reliable disaster recovery solution by storing all data and applications on centralized servers. In the event of a disaster or system failure, users can promptly access their desktops and applications from a backup server. 
  • Increased Security: By centralizing the storage of the operating system, applications, and data on a server, rather than individual devices, VDs reduce the likelihood of data breaches and simplify the implementation of security policies. 
  • Improved IT Management: Enable administrators to centrally manage desktops and applications from a single location, eliminating the need for IT staff to perform physical maintenance tasks on each individual device, such as installing software updates and security patches. 
  • Cost Savings: Eliminate the need for frequent hardware upgrades and replacements. By offloading the processing to the server, less powerful and less expensive thin clients can be used instead of traditional desktops and laptops. 
  • Increased Flexibility: Employees and collaborators can access their workstations anywhere, using any device allowing for greater flexibility in terms of remote work and mobile productivity.


By utilizing comprehensive solutions for IT and data management, you can ensure your data is secure, retained, and readily available throughout storm season and beyondWhether it’s a natural disaster, ransomware attack, or data breach, let ATG + Advance2000 help you weather the storm!  

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