What’s New in Global eTraining?

What's New in Global eTraining?
Global eTraining has released new courses for the GeT Everything library as well as updates to the Learner and Admin Dashboards within the platform. Dive into the details and discover an enhanced Global eTraining user experience!

What's new?

  • Over 60 new and updated courses for Microsoft, Autodesk, and more 
  • Refreshed user experience for Learner and Admin Dashboards 
  • Increased access to support and resources 
  • Streamlined navigation 
  • Updated admin toolkit 

New Courses

The GeT Everything library has added over 60 new and updated courses for Microsoft, Autodesk, ArcGIS and more, including what’s new for Autodesk 2025! 

Master the latest software features 

View courses for Excel, Word, Autodesk, ArcGIS (and more) and become a productivity powerhouse.   

Boost your cybersecurity awareness 

Protect your information with essential courses for end-user vigilance, small businesses, and protection. 

Become a collaboration pro 

Enjoy essential courses to navigate your everyday flow, including courses on Windows 11, Microsoft Teams, and more. 

Learner Dashboard Updates

Refreshed Look

Enjoy an overhauled dashboard aesthetic that’s in line with Global eTraining’s innovative training solutions.

Increased Access to Support and Tools

In addition to the support that ATG’s customer success team provides for Global eTraining, learners now have instant access to the GeT help desk, FAQs, GeT Insights assessments, and testimonial submission forms directly inside their dashboard.

What's New in Global eTraining?
Streamlined Navigation

Get easier, quicker access to Global eTraining content libraries with simplified navigation, further streamlining the training process.

What's New in Global eTraining?

Admin Dashboard Updates

Increased Onboarding Support

Immediately access comprehensive onboarding tutorials, created to ensure an even more seamless implementation experience for teams new to Global eTraining.

What's New in Global eTraining?
Enhanced Access to Reporting and Resources

Access resources such as enhanced reporting tools, FAQs, Help Desk, and the GSS (GeT Subscription System).

What's New in Global eTraining?
What's New in Global eTraining?
Updated Admin Toolkit

Easily book one-on-one meetings with your Customer Success Manager to set training goals, discuss adoption strategies, and review training data. Admins will also experience more direct access to The Generator course builder, GeT Insights skills gap assessments, and the GeT Know-How Autodesk plugin.

What's New in Global eTraining?


With a focus on enhanced user experience and streamlined learning, these updates empower both learners and administrators. From the expanded course library to improved dashboards, there’s something for everyone!

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