Why You Should Work with a Platinum Partner

What is a platinum partner?

Both Autodesk and Bluebeam offer platinum, gold and silver tiers for their partner programs. When a partner is platinumcertified, they offer the highest level of expertise, service, support and customer satisfaction compared to other partnership tiers. 

Why you should work with one

Get the most out of your software 

Many platinum partners offer multiple types of software and tools, so you can combine solutions based on your needs. Software tools for Revit or Civil 3D can help you maximize your software productivity and meet project deadlines.

Receive support beyond software

A platinum partner can offer so much more than just software. With additional support through production and consulting services, training and even hardware, your partner can help you meet project deadlines, scale your business and transform your workflows. 

Access top-notch technical support

Platinum partners offer a variety of support options, but purchasing software through a platinum partner like ATG comes with added perks like complimentary technical support with a 99.8% satisfaction rating, 10-minute response time, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. coast-to-coast coverage. 

Consult with industry experts

To meet platinum partner requirements, partners need to maintain certain specializations. With certified support specialists, sales representatives, and trainers, you can guarantee you’re working with a qualified team and that all your questions are answered. 

Get everything in one place

If you’re overwhelmed by managing your team’s software and support needs, consider working with a platinum partner. At ATG, you can get everything in one place and we can help align your renewals, set up training, solve support issues and more through our dedicated Customer Success Team.  

No shortage of learning opportunities

Many platinum partners host their own webinars and even create content like quick tip videos, whitepapers, blogs, etc. Working with a platinum partner introduces so many opportunities to learn something new, polish your skills or even join in as a guest to share your expertise. 

Ready to get started with a platinum partner?

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