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What’s New in Enscape 3.5?

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In the world of visualization, Enscape has earned a reputation for its immersive experiences and efficient workflows. With each new release, Enscape pushes the boundaries of real-time rendering, empowering architects, designers, and visualization professionals to bring their projects to life. The recent Enscape 3.5 update introduces a range of groundbreaking features that further enhance the user experience and revolutionize the way we visualize designs. Let’s dive into some of the most important features released with Enscape 3.5.

Assets with Variants

Some assets now have multiple variants to choose from. Just filter by the tag ‘adjustable’ to find all assets with this functionality. You can even mark variants as favorites for easy access and multi-asset placement.

Assets with variants image

Assets with Color or Material Customization

Find this functionality with the ‘adjustable’ tag to change the color or material of an asset with the customization panel. You can adjust parameters to accentuate blend assets in scenes.

Assets with color or material customization image

Multi-Asset Editing

Avoid repetitive editing work with multi-asset editing –  available for all assets in the Enscape Asset Library! Now you can quickly modify a group of assets at once with select, de-select, replace, or delete functionality.

Multi-Asset editing image

Unique People Assets

Liven up any scene with Enscape’s expanding collection of unique assets. You can now access over 90 assets available exclusively from Enscape. That means you won’t find them anywhere else!

Unique People Assets image

Alpha Channel Export Update

An update to an existing feature, you can now enjoy improved compositing of semi-transparent materials with a different background in the Alpha Channel export.

Alpha Channel Export Update image

Improved Lighting and Reflection in Rendering

Enhance the realism of design scenes with improved indirect lighting in interiors and more accurate indirect lighting in mirror reflections. Available for users who have a GPU with hardware-accelerated ray-tracing support.

Improved Lighting and Reflection in Rendering image

Additional features

  • Improved workflow for Rhino users where the asset geometry will be placed on the current layer
  • User Area in the Toolbar for your Enscape User Account
  • Certified SpaceMouse support
  • Revit 2024 support
  • Orthographic views update for Revit

Experience next-level visualization for your designs! 👇