What’s New in Enscape 4.0?

What's New in Enscape 4.0?
Enscape has released a major update that creates a more unified and powerful experience for users. With new support for MacOS and a completely overhauled codebase, this update greatly improves stability, performance, and the collaboration between other products within the Chaos ecosystem. Let’s dive into the details!

More Features for MacOS Enscape Users

Users on MacOS can now enjoy the same features as Windows users, further unifying the experience across all platforms. Features added specifically in this release include:

  • Adjustable assets
  • Dynamic asset placement
  • Custom Asset Library
  • Custom Asset Editor
  • Site context
  • BIM data
  • Collaborative Annotations

New People Assets & Animated Vegetation Assets

Animated assets, introduced in version 2.8, are 3D models for walkthroughs and videos that are animated when the camera is in motion in Enscape. For this release, 178 variations of animated vegetation assets were added, including trees, bushes, and flowers specific to North and Southern Europe, North America, Australia, and Oceania regions.

What's New in Enscape 4.0?

Additionally, 32 unique people assets were added to bring different poses, outfits, and accessories to your scenes.

What's New in Enscape 4.0?

NVIDIA Denoiser

With the latest NVIDIA ReLAX Denoiser, you can reduce the noise in image and video capture exports, significantly improving the quality of your Enscape-rendered scenes. These effects are especially visible in enclosed interiors with minimal direct light and are more noticeable on glossy and metallic surfaces.


What's New in Enscape 4.0?


What's New in Enscape 4.0?

Improved Lighting and Reflection in Rendering

Enhance the realism of design scenes with improved indirect lighting in interiors and more accurate indirect lighting in mirror reflections. Available for users who have a GPU with hardware-accelerated ray-tracing support.

What's New in Enscape 4.0?
What's New in Enscape 4.0?

UI Reskin

Improvements to usability and readability provide better interactivity, consistency, and visual hierarchy while navigating the platform. Buttons have been changed from orange to blue and a more stylish and consistent iconography has been implemented to enhance the user experience.

What's New in Enscape 4.0?

Revit Worksharing Optimization

Revit users will notice significant improvements in their experience working with shared models. Collaborative session errors such as issues when modifying views, visual setting presets, and site context elements have been addressed, however, you may still encounter issues when users are simultaneously editing the same preset, which is indicated by a warning prompt.

What's New in Enscape 4.0?

Other New Features

  • Windows: Improved Reflections & Global Illumination for Hardware Ray-Tracing
    • Reflections now include more geometry, and the previous fixed geometry limit is flexible based on the available GPU memory. If your GPU has more memory, you can now run large models without taking a big performance hit.


  • Windows: New VR Headset Support
    • The Meta Quest 3 and HTC Vive Pro 2 are now supported. Enscape VR can also identify the type of HMD (head-mounted display) you’re using so that the controllers in the 3D VR experience match your physical controller.


  • Support for Rhino 8.3 or later


  • Chaos interoperability
    • Use V-Ray Scene Exporter to transfer key data from Enscape to V-Ray and other design applications, including 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.


Whether you’re a seasoned Enscape user or just getting started, Enscape 4.0 offers exciting new features for everyone. With its focus on platform unification, improved performance, and library expansion, Enscape 4.0 sets the stage for a brighter future of real-time rendering.