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HIVE is an industry leading content management system developed specifically, for the AEC industry. Firms can organize, manage, set permissions, and ensure the latest content is kept up to date and available for all project participants, even when working remotely. Users can quickly find Revit, AutoCAD, PDF, images, and other file types quickly using libraries, tags, favorites, and other useful options.

Company admins can get performance metrics based on:

  • Account Management
  • Content Browsing
  • Content Analytics
  • Active Model Analytics

Account Management


The account management portal allows company administrators to generate users along with granting access to the HIVE suite. This can be all done through any web browser allowing more flexibility for Company Admins. This also doesn’t require the HIVE application running. With this possibility managing users and adjusting permissions is a lot simpler and easier.

Some key features that are provided is User Management, Group Management, and Active Directory Synchronizer. With managing many users there is multiple options on handling these tasks. Group Management allows you to divide users in your company to specific areas instead of having everyone in each other’s way. Now with Active Directory Synchronizer adding users and managing them into groups is easy simple task that will provide its own value.


Content Browsing


Users can quickly pull the exact content they need from HIVE and upload much more efficiently. Which means less time searching and more time being productive. With HIVE’s cloud base ability file sizes and storage sizes are no worries to you.

There are many key features that HIVE offers. Each one has its own distinct and unique purpose. Search and Discover both look for content, but Discover searches use parameters. Saved Searches can be set up to be user based and company based allowing users to pull content even faster. Tags allow you to filter through specific libraries and content in those libraries. Uploading content is as simple as drag and drop or even double-clicking and specifying your piece of content.


    Future of HIVE – Project Activity Logger


    The future of HIVE is incorporating a data analytics logger for projects and content. This will allow you to track projects on how much time users are taking on different sheets, views, schedules and more. PAL will also allow you to track the healthy and stability of your Revit content itself. Tracking all this information with PAL is to not interfere with your users as they are being productive.

    PAL will break down all of this into multiple dashboards to negative through for your ease. Some of the dashboards consist of Company Overview, Project Health, Contributor Dashboard, and Team Dashboard. Each one will come with its own data to measure along with different graphs to view, save and download. There is also filters to even specify a specific area in your model or project.


    Dashboards of Project Activity Logger (PAL)

    The Company Overview Dashboard

    The launchpad for admins to quickly view top stats from across the organization such as projects and contributors with the most time captured while working on models. The graph elements in this and other dashboards link to filtered views, making it easy to get a detailed look into your organization’s overall model performance.

    The Project Dashboard

    An aggregated view of Revit project activities. Controls allow filtering of the data by project to see just the performance rates for models related to the project selected. Metrics include open and sync duration, file sizes, session hours and cumulative contributor times.

    The Contributor Dashboard

    This dashboard allows an admin to select by contributor name (contributors are Revit users) and view statistics by models and projects. In addition, the contributor’s model history and workstation names are listed.

    The Model Dashboard

    Provides a project and model filtered timeline of synchs to central durations, load durations, file sizes and warning counts. At a glance, this dashboard illustrates a growth or reduction in key performance indicators that suggest model performance.

    The Team Dashboard

    Gives a broad view of teamactivity across all projects (or filter to single projects) as it relates to open and synch durations as well as contributor work as measured by both hours and edited item counts.

    The Model Health Dashboard

    Allows the admin to drill down by open or synch times to the “moment in time” statistics. This view shows workstation specifications, model metrics (quantities of loaded and unplaced families, unplaced rooms, worksets, views, etc.) and gauges the health of the model using a calculated score based on the warning count and file size.


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