BIM Data Suite

BIM Data Suite: Extract Project Data, Create Reports and Integrate Revit Data

From CTC Software

BIM Data Suite makes it easy to extract project data to Microsoft SQL Server or XML, allowing your team to create a myriad of reports or to integrate Revit data into your other systems.

For Revit 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. BIM Data Suite is meant for everyday users of all skill levels, and is used by firms of all sizes.

Common Challenges

  • Aggregating statistics and data of activity in on-going Revit projects
  • Detecting problems encountered as projects progress
  • Generating accurate and complete reports of current workflows, resources and expertise
Solution – Project Activity Logger (PAL)
  • Lightweight background capture of key performance indicators for Revit projects
  • Realtime availability of data on workshared projects
  • Data stored allows easy connection & visualization with popular business intelligence software
  • Requires Microsoft SQL Server and a DBA
Source of ROI – Return on Investment Realized
  • Flexible licensing & highly competitive pricing- get up and running with lower investment than similar products
  • Proactive and ongoing project anaylsis- make informed improvements before problems escalate
  • Optimize workflows, schedule resources and identify training opportunities for future projects

Common Challenges

  • Getting data from Revit project elements into other software
  • Storing Revit project data as the project changes over time
  • Consolidating data from multiple Revit projects
Solution – Extract Data in Neutral Formats
  • Extract project data to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Extract project data to XML files
  • Extract project data to JSON files
  • Extract project data to CTC Model Compare files
Source of ROI – Return on Investment Realized
  • Your SQL team can easily integrate Revit data into your other systems
  • Your team can generate reports from the data exported


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