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MEP Productivity Pack

Revit MEP Starter Project Created BY Engineers FOR Engineers

From CTC Software

The Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Productivity Pack is the premier Autodesk Revit Starter Project on the market today. It was specifically developed to increase design efficiency for companies who are using Autodesk Revit for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems design. This Starter Project includes Revit Family Content, View Templates, Filters, Worksets, Views, Details, Schedules, and the Shared Parameters to make it all tick.

Only do electrical design? We won’t make you buy mechanical stuff and vice versa. The MEPPP also comes in two parts. The MPP for mechanical design and the EPP for electrical design.

What if I grow in the future? Awesome! We want our clients to grow. Since the same Shared Parameter file is used, the MPP and EPP will work together whenever they are purchased.

Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Productivity Pack


  • Project setup time is decreased by utilizing comprehensive project organization
  • Automatically detects when elements are mistakenly placed on the wrong work set
  • Hosted families have been converted to un-hosted
  • View templates for all view types, including schedules and  predefined view filters
  • All family content is fully integrated with extensive schedules & tags
  • Mechanical details with all Revit linework and annotations
  • User manual includes links to instructional videos
  • Built-in formulas to calculate MOCP, FLA, KVA, & more (with overrides provided for each)
  • Parametric Electrical One-line diagrams & feeder schedules in Revit
  • Electrical families with symbols
  • Electrical clearance areas based on NEC guidelines
  • All family content is fully integrated with extensive schedules & tags
  • Starter Projects includes: Project setup, Schedules, Details, Shared Parameters & User Manual

Electrical Key Features:

  • Comprehensive family content
  • Smart motor family automatically calls MOCP loads
  • Parametric electrical one-line diagrams & feeder schedules in Revit
  • Panel schedules
  • Electrical settings
  • Motor is ECM
  • Motor coordination is required  and causes instances to appear in motor coordination list & appearance in electrical power views
  • Largest motor multiplier
  • Support for proper load calculations when a single family (e.g. AHU) contains multiple power connections

Mechanical Key Features:

  • Mechanical families based on manufactured content
  • All family content is fully integrated with extensive schedules and tags
  • Unique duct and pipe systems with improved and additional duct and pipe types
  • Cross-discipline coordination with electrical and piping using industry standard formulas
  • Built-in design assist calculations for added efficiency
  • Extensive content library for air terminals and VAV’s
  • Extensive content library for mechanical equipment

Plumbing and Piping Key Features:

  • Grouped families providing significant reduction in modeling time for plumbing layouts
  • Groups have been expanded & now include attached detail groups
  • Expanded content library for plumbing fixtures & drains
  • Complete line of kitchen plumbing fixtures included
  • Design assists scheduling to improve productivity
  • Family content created to propagate CFH in gas piping systems