Hensel Phelps is a Colorado-based construction firm that strives to deliver excellence to their clients through development, construction and facility services. Back in 2017, Hensel Phelps needed help with a civil project that was beyond their capabilities. Through recommendations from industry partners, Hensel Phelps discovered ATG’s Team Augmentation Services (now Production Services). Fast forward to today, Hensel Phelps continues to utilize ATG’s services for Revit and Civil 3D template development, consulting services, model aggregation and help with controlling their RFI process.

Goals of the Project

Hensel Phelps’ goal was to find a partner that really cared about getting to know how they worked. “One of the things that we strive for is really looking for that partnership — who can go join us as a stakeholder on that project and understand how we operate. I’ve found that ATG is always open to having that dialogue so we truly understand what our starting point is and how we’re going to solve problems on that particular project,” said Will Plato, Senior VDC Manager at Hensel Phelps. Will has been with Hensel Phelps for over 14 years supporting the implementation and adoption of different technologies, both hardware and software.

For the first project ATG was assigned to, the goal was to simply satisfy some contract deliverables and get models developed for coordination. With ATG’s help, Hensel Phelps could stay ahead of different modeling changes and project specific requirements while navigating the challenges of scope gap modeling.

ATG Solutions

ATG initially modeled structural banks and utilities on a civil project, but once Hensel Phelps realized the quality of work, they tasked ATG to develop Civil 3D and Revit templates to use across the company. “We needed somebody with utility experience, so we brought ATG to the table. Once that test pilot was successful, we worked to nail down the next evolution of our templates for Revit and Civil 3D,” said Will.

Based on the success of those projects, ATG continues to work with Hensel Phelps to help manage, model and aggregate different projects and take control of the RFI process to update models.

Feedback from Hensel Phelps

“ATG has a broader vision than what we may have just because of the breadth of experience across the industry, so it’s nice to have that resource. They’re available for us, and that’s something that we look for, and we’ll continue to look for. It’s nice that I can easily just go pick up the phone and have a conversation or jump on a screen share, and if ATG has that bandwidth and is able to support that process it’s very much a dialogue, and that’s what we should all be looking for, especially in today’s market,” said Will.


Hensel Phelps was able to be more involved in their process builds, support their company’s vision and grow the business relationship with the help of ATG’s production services teams.

“When looking for a third party to help with various model scopes or process development, it’s important to understand the folks involved with the company so that you’re not only building processes and procedures, but you’re also building those relationships that really tie us together. The thing that stood out the most when working with ATG was their willingness to go above and beyond the primary scope and engage the team into the process.”

Will Plato

Senior VDC Manager, Hensel Phelps

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