AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 has brought some great functionality to the table. Some of the tasks we can now do will save a tremendous amount of time and effort.  If you have received 2010 and are like me ( I can’t wait to get the latest and greatest installed) you probably started to get it put on to your computer while the box was still warm from the delivery person! Did you have any issues with the install? I did! It was getting to where the install was placing the new files on my machine where they needed to go and I could see the files being created during the install. It would get to the very end of the install and then it would rollback the entire process. I could sit there and watch all of the newly created files get deleted right before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it. What did I do to get around this? Here goes the list!

First, I had other products and product versions on my machine, so I decided to take some of those products off. I started by taking the other 2010 products off. That didn’t do it. Then, I started to take the previous version products off. That didn’t help either! Next I wondered if there was a problam with either the media (discs) or the DVD drive on my machine, so to check this, I copied the entire contents of the media to my machine to attempt an install from there. Alot of times, this idea works, but in this case, still no dice! Grrrrrr! Can you say, “Throw the machine out the window?”

Since I couldn’t get it to work at this point, I decided to reinstall everything that I had uninstalled and figured I would get back to this later. After installing all of my products back, I started to wonder,what if I get rid of things that were installed by other products that Civil 3D can install also? Specifically, what if I get rid of all previous and present releases of Design Review? At this point, I figured that I had tried everything else, so ,why not? Wouldn’t you know it, that was it! By getting rid of all instances of Design Review and letting Civil 3D 2010 install Design Review, the install worked! A couple of weeks later when we were installing 2010 products on our machines back in our office, we installed all other 2010 products first and then tried to install Civil 3D last. Wouldn’t you know it, the same thing happened on those machines! I advised the person doing the install to remove Design Review 2010, but it kept getting hung up on the fact that earlier versions were installed. When he removed all versions of Design Review and then chose the option in the install to install Design Review 2010, it worked without issue!