In this Blog I wanted to answer a frequently asked question… this one comes from Laura, she asked:

Where’s my AutoCAD Classic? It only has Architecture… HELP! 🙁

Hi Laura,

Yes! You are right; it only comes with Architecture Workspace.  But there is a trick, since AutoCAD Architecture (ACA) is built on top of AutoCAD (ACAD); you can bring that “AutoCAD Classic” work space into ACA through the Customize User Interface (CUI). What you will want to do is go to the transfer tab and on the left side of the screen you will see the ACA.CUIX menu displayed, and you will want to right side of the dialog to open the ACAD.CUIX (AutoCAD’s Menu). Now expand the Workspaces section in both screens, and drag the AutoCAD Classic one from the right over the Workspace section on the left, or you can just drag the toolbars that you want available in ACA from the ACAD toolbar section just like above. Hit the ok button to exit out of the CUI, and you now have those items at your disposal in ACA. Now just in case you want it back to the original there are some restore and reset modes available… Inside the CUI on the customize tab, at the top you will see the ACA icon, right click on it and in the short cut menu you will have two options, Restore and Reset ACA.CUIX.  RESTORE will restore it back to a saved ACA.CUIX menu, like if you have some customized menu areas that you don’t want to lose, so I would click the save (disk) before making this adjustment in case you are worried about your custom menus. While RESET will take it back to the original “Out of the Box” ACA.CUIX. Just read the message that pops up, and it will tell you which one you hit and asks you to do it or not. I hope this helps! …and thank you for reading my Blogs.


  1. i found this solution to be generally very helpful, with one exception: it does not explain where to find the ACAD.cuix file. i had to search other blogs/sites to get a file to download and then these instructions worked perfectly.

  2. Thanks guy it helped me a lot…!! i’ve downloaded the acad.cui file on the internet with the old autocad classic

  3. Thanks so much for posting this how to get the classic look back for ACA!!!!

    Wish I saw this website earlier!

  4. Hi Mahdi,
    If you are referring to AutoCAD Architecture 2015 it is locate in your roaming profile path…
    For example Mine is located at: C:UsersIsaac Harperappdataroamingautodeskaca 2015enusupportaca.cuix
    An easy way to find the path is to go to the CUI. With the name of the CUI highlighted (ACA) at the top of the menu structure (click it if not highlighted) and look at the Filename path in Properties section on the right side of the dialog box. You can copy and paste that to the Windows explorer address bar to open that location.
    I hope this helps.

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