Revit 2023 is finally here! Get ready to accelerate design productivity, document efficiency and more.

Find full release notes here.

Design Productivity

Measure in 3D

  • Enable fast and convenient measurements in any 2D or 3D view
  • Snap to any position in 3D without work plane restrictions
  • Works in orthographic and perspective 3D views
  • New hotkey (CTRL) to lock the measurement perpendicular to the start face
  • Activate Perpendicular snap to measure the shortest distance

Pick a work plane

  • Model faster and more efficiently using work planes

  • Set a Work Plane using a shortcut (PK)

  • New Work Plane drop-down menu

Save placement for work plane-based families

  • Load and place work plane-based components faster in your project

  • Reactivate the last Work Plane used in the project when placing families

  • The Work Plane is remembered until reset

Duplicate material and its assets

  • Easily create new materials with assets from similar existing materials

  • Duplicate material and assets

  • Duplicate using shared assets

Server path to material textures and decals

  • Manage render assets across distributed teams using Autodesk Docs

  • Solves missing render appearance warnings in BIM Collaborate Pro and BIM 360

  • Map custom texture images to an Autodesk Docs folder path

  • Exchange and explore image assets with the Autodesk Desktop Connector

  • Exposed API to build custom server connections

View reference search

  • Quickly find the view you want to reference
  • Search functionality available for both View Reference parameters – View Type and Target View
  • Consistent search and filter functionalities across the Revit UI

Simulation & Analysis

New workflow for structural analysis

  • Engineering driven, analysis-centric Revit workflows
  • Create a structural analytical model in Revit without physical geometry
  • Model fully parametric analytical elements
  • Associate analytical model with grids & levels to control element positioning through datum
  • Document analytical model data

Structural analytical modeling in BIM context

  • Improved efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in developing analytical models

  • Use new tools (Analytical Member & Panel) to create analytical models

  • Leverage existing physical geometry as context

  • Associate physical and analytical model elements for BIM quality control

  • Control changes independently for analytical and physical objects

  • Create multiple analytical models for a single physical representation

Structural analytical model automation

  • Enhanced productivity with analytical modeling automation

  • Generate a connected and consistent structural analytical model automatically from selected physical geometry

  • Customizable automation rules that can be optimized for specific project types

  • Update easily analytical models based on physical model changes

Electrical preliminary load analysis

  • Estimate building loads prior to placement of Revit electrical families

  • Perform preliminary load calculations in Revit

  • Define Equipment Loads

  • Define boundary areas for Area Based Loads

  • Specify Power Density, Load Classification, Power Factor, and Apparent Power Density for Area Based Loads

  • Create an analytical power distribution system with the System Browser

Interactive solar studies

  • Better visualize the impact of sunlight and shadows

  • Redesigned Solar
    Study Contextual Tab

  • New Speed, Sunlight Intensity, and Shadow Intensity controls

  • Switch solar study types on the fly

  • Explore a scene under a different time and sun setting

  • Display a preview at a specific frame


FormIt Pro in link CAD formats

  • Iterate on conceptual designs faster with FormIt Pro and Revit

  • AXM in Link CAD Formats

  • Edit in FormIt button

FormIt Pro interoperability enhancements

  • Iterate on conceptual designs faster with FormIt Pro and Revit
  • Updated 3D Sketch workflow
  • Send to Revit as a CAD link
  • Send to Revit Preview Mode in FormIt Pro

CAD file improvements

  • Better control the placement and appearance of CAD content in Revit

  • Link AXM, OBJ, and STL files in Revit

  • Position CAD imports on levels or named horizontal reference planes

  • Enable cutting 3D CAD elements in views

IFC parameters and export mapping dialog

  • Improve the integrity of your IFC data exchanges

  • New built-in IFC attributes for all model elements, including: Export to IFC, Export to IFC As, IFC Predefined Type, and IFcGUID

  • Export mapping dialog applies standard IFC container attribute values

Enhanced mesh capabilities

  • Better control the display of meshes in your Revit projects

  • Color overrides for meshes

  • Hide mesh edges

DirectShape import placement

  • Better control the placement of imported 3D shapes

  • DirectShape stores externally created geometric shapes of SAT, OBJ, Rhino 3DM, and STL files

  • Place a DirectShape in the selected position

  • Select a level or named reference plan for the incoming geometry.

Cloud & Data

Data exchanges

  • Connect information exchanges to automate data-driven workflows
  • Share subset of model information across applications
  • Automate information sharing processes
  • New workflow examples:
  • DfMA – Revit to Inventor
  • Business Intelligence – Revit to Microsoft Power Automate*
  • Database Connectors – Revit to Microsoft Excel*
  • * Microsoft integration coming soon

Fabrication Data Manager (FDM) tech preview

  • Powerful new features for hosting and managing fabrication parts in the cloud

  • FDM available for Revit 2022-’23

  • Upload fabrication configuration to the cloud

  • Built on Autodesk Forge

  • Manage data relationships

  • Easily share and manage content across project stakeholders

Parameters service tech preview

  • Work with parameters more efficiently

  • Create a library of parameters on Autodesk Construction Cloud

  • Add parameters from the Parameters Service anywhere shared parameters are used

  • Parameters can be added to the service by uploading an existing shared parameters file, uploading parameters from an active Revit file or created manually.

  • Search, filter, and label parameters

Cloud model updates

  • Locate, manage, and roll back Revit Cloud Models more easily

  • Manage Cloud Models in Revit Home screen

  • Remember last account for Revit Cloud Models

  • Non-destructive model rollback for Revit Cloud Models

Design Optimization

Generative design and Dynamo Player updates

  • Achieve better design outcomes with an enhanced user experience

  • New input types: number entry, directory path, file path, text string, Boolean toggle

  • New method names to improve user understanding

  • Dynamo Player user interface now consistent with Generative Design

  • Expanded help and learning content

Documentation Efficiency

Floor folding lines and split lines

  • Better shape-editing tools to improve documentation efficiency

  • New Floor subcategories: Folding Lines, Split Lines

  • Supersedes the Interior Edges subcategory in previous versions

  • Convert Folding Lines into Split Lines

Preserve area and room values in key schedules

  • Better control over Room and Area information

  • Automate Room and Area information

  • Maintain values when the key is set to ‘none’

  • Values can be modified as needed

Conditional formatting for family and type

  • Visually understand your project data

  • Visually identify parameters in schedules

  • Conditional formatting parameters for: Family, Type, and Family and Type

  • Configured independently to help you differentiate

Filter by sheet in schedules

  • Improved flexibility in the use of schedules on sheets

  • Automatic limit schedules to display elements visible on the same sheet

  • Based on a new Filter by sheet option on the Filter tab of the schedule properties

  • Automatic content update if view gets cropped on the sheet

  • Dynamic sheet content behavior when placing the same schedule on other sheets

Rebar cover in schedules and tags

  • Easily create more comprehensive documentation for concrete

  • New fields in schedules and parameters in tags: Rebar Cover, Rebar Cover – Top Face, Rebar Cover – Bottom Face, Rebar Cover – Other Face

  • More precise rebar detailing

Displace elements in 2D views

  • Adjust element positions in 2D views to improve documentation clarity

  • Displace elements tool extended to 2D views, including callouts and section views

  • Adjust the position of elements for better clarity

  • Element may be tagged before or after displacement

Find full release notes here.

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