Categories for the Custom Asset Library

Organize and structure your imported custom assets with categories for the custom asset library. These categories allow you to filter through assets so you can find the one you need in just a few clicks. Every category you create can also be assigned a name and icon.

Interior Design Assets and Materials

  • Total number of new assets: 210
  • Total number of new materials: 52

Save Enscape Sun Position in Views

Prior to this release, sun position could only be adjusted with keyboard shortcuts, and that position would reset every time Enscape restarted. In Enscape 3.4, you can now save your sun position in views. Slider controls and input fields are also provided so you can easily reproduce specific sun positions for other views.

Update Views

Prior to this release, you could only change the name and visual preset for existing views. If you wanted to adjust the camera position, you needed to create a completely new view. In Enscape 3.4, you can now edit camera position and sun position for existing saved views.

Improved Reflections

Window or interior mirror reflections are more complex and show more details by default with Enscape 3.4. Users don’t need to adjust settings, as this automatically updates with the new release.

Chinese Language (Simplified)

Enscape will be available in Chinese (simplified). Enscape can reach a wider audience as the Chinese-speaking community can use Enscape in their native language.

View the full release notes on Enscape’s blog here.

Experience real-time rendering and virtual reality with Enscape 3.4

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