Virtual Reality in Architecture for Beginners: What to do and how it can help your design process

by Leah Lauderdale ATG Marketing Specialist   Traditional design views like schematics and blueprints do not always translate well to mixed audiences, such as owners, boards of directors, or just the the general public. In some cases, conveying your designs to an audience is crucial to winning jobs, or getting funding. Virtual Reality allows the designer and the viewing audience to walk through your model and get a real feel for how big space is or what the desks in a classroom will look like. Virtual Reality gives not only gives the public a sense of how big a space is going to be but also allows the designers to step into their designs, allowing them to make necessary changes in the design before the structure ever goes into the construction phase. VR is a time and money saving tool. Design director and principal Hao Ko knows the feeling. “You still have to make a translation in your mind, in terms of how tall this space is going to feel,” he says. “More often than not, I’ll go to my own projects and I’ll be like, ‘Wow! That’s a lot bigger than I expected.’ You still have those moments.”- AEC Magazine Working in the Virtual world requires some extremely powerful machines. Many of the Virtual Reality stations out there require a graphics cards that can withstand 90 frames per second. If your equipment isn’t capable of hosting this kind of bandwidth you or your clients are likely to experience extremely motion sickness and nausea. ATG is hosting a webinar this Thursday, May 25 around VR, moving your models into VR, and some of the services ATG offers around VR. Join the webinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2828605095658413313 Our Technical Services team has developed easy to use workflows to get your RVT and NWD models into an unparalleled virtual experience.  Some clients cannot visualize in 3D. VR offers clients a chance to walk through the model and fully grasp what the design will look like. While immersing your clients into a true VR experience, you can convey your design decisions and the customers’ requests in the conceptual phase of development. This can replace very costly demonstration exercises such as physical mock ups. Utilizing VR will differentiate you from the competition, and also offer the client a fun and engaging experience. Services we offer around VR include:

  • On-site VR presentations using prepared customer owned models
  • Export to VR Ready Formats
  • Model VR Optimization
  • High quality render VR models that provide hyper realistic experiences

If you cannot join the webinar, send me an email and I will send you the link to the webinar recording on Thursday afternoon.        

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