Blog: Using the AutoCAD Enterprise CUI

Using an enterprise CUI is a fast and reliable way to have company standard resources available to all users of using AutoCAD. You are also able to use the enterprise CUI to be loaded over numerous vanilla and vertical platforms, for example, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture.

If the enterprise CUI is created in AutoCAD LT, it will work on all platforms of AutoCAD simply because LT does not include any special tools or functions, such as Express tools.

AutoCAD LT does not have profiles for profile settings in the options dialog box. If you wanted to have specialized custom items for use throughout the company and be updated, your CAD manager or another designated individual would need to load the updates on each individual system.  Using an enterprise CUI stored in a shared location as a CAD resource would need to be load once.  Then as the enterprise CUI was updated or changed, every AutoCAD LT system would get those updates for changes without needing to update each individual workstation separately.

If the company is not using AutoCAD LT then creating the enterprise CUI on vanilla AutoCAD would be another option, but special tools could be used like in express tools or custom lisp routines could be loaded into the CUI without needing to load them onto each work station.

When creating a new enterprise CUI, start by opening the CUI dialog box. Select the Transfer tab at the top. In the window on the right side, select new file from the pull down, then select save as from the same pull down. Save the new CUI to a network or shared location.

Before adding items to the new enterprise CUI, it is good practice to set permissions on this directory to Read Only for everyone except for the CAD manager or the individual that will oversee maintaining the CUI.

Open the new CUI in the Customize tab. This is where you would start adding the custom items for your company’s enterprise CUI. Remember that any resource that is added to this CUI such as custom LISP routings also needs to be in a network directory or shared location so all the users are able to access.

Then once the customization is complete, open the options dialog box and load the new enterprise CUI in the location below.

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