Using Path of Travel & the Occupancy Flow Analyzer

Using Path of Travel and the Occupancy Flow Analyzer

Revit 2020 added some great content in its new update. The path of travel element allows you to analyze travel distances and times between 2 selected points in your model. The CTC BIM Project Suite has the Occupancy Flow Analyzer, which calculates possible paths, distances and calculations. In this blog, ATG Technical Specialist Brian Weeks will show you how you can use both CTC Tools and Revit 2020 to create your project’s Code Analysis.

Create a Path of Travel and Schedule the Path of Travel using Revit 2020

  • Calculating the path of travel for code requirement was really annoying. In previous versions of Revit there wasn’t a way to automatically calculate the total length of chain lines. So the Project Manager would often need to measure the line, segment by segment; create a railing/annotation family for the path; or even export the plan to AutoCAD, which could measure Polyline distances.

But now in Revit 2020:

  • The new Path of Travel feature allows you to select a “start point” and an “end point.” Revit will then automatically calculate the shortest path between the two points. That means it will avoid walls and try to find doors.
  • The Path of Travel calculated will avoid contact with model elements in the analysis zone and calculate the shortest distance between the start and end points.
  • The Path of Travel lines can be tagged.
  • The Path of Travel lines use a unique, custom linestyle and can be modified.
  • The Path of Travel lines can be scheduled.
  • Revit 2020 still can’t auto-calculate room occupancy or generate pathing accounting for multiple levels.

Create an Occupancy Flow Analysis using CTC Tools

  • CTC Express Tools were created by CTC Software to enhance the productivity and creativity of AEC professionals. With robust software add-ins and data-rich content packs for Revit and Civil 3D, CTC Express Tools feature seven Suites and two Productivity Packs. Used across the world, these Tools will continue to push the envelope in BIM and CIM technologies. ATG is the exclusive reseller for CTC Tools in the United States.
  • CTC Express Tools are free to download and try out for 14 days. All the tools are fully usable during that time frame.



Occupancy Flow Analyzer used as Design Aid

  • The Occupancy Flow Analyzer can be used as a design aid for many common “flow” challenges. It can help determine possible paths between points, their distances, routes affected by impassible objects, overloads based on maximum egress values and perform occupancy related calculations.
  • To rule-based establish occupancy calculations
  • To execute point-to-point flow
  • To run full egress calculations
  • To represent multi-floor/multi-point occupancy pathing

Create a Code Sheet Showing your Paths & Schedules

  • Traditionally, running building code calcs are a manual process and one that happens outside of the Revit environment. Information from the model is needed for the calcs and the resulting calculations are needed back in the model for your Code Sheets.
  • Utilizing the CTC BIM Project Suite Occupancy Flow Analysis, Spreadsheet Link and Schedule XL, you can now calculate complex math within Revit.
  • Calculate Plumbing Fixtures by floor based on occupancy.
  • Create Spreadsheets within Revit that operate like Excel – copy, paste, drag cells, etc.
  • Update spreadsheet data while working within Revit.

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