Tips and tricks with 3DORBIT.

The functionality of 3DORBIT has many levels of interaction.

Via contextual menus are defined as menus are tools that can be utilized in any state. Regardless, if in a command or not. 3DORBIT has modes settings that can be utilized via right click contextual menu or keyboard shortcuts.

When 3DORBIT command is active a right-click in the workspace will result in a context menu coming up. Selecting Other Navigation Modes will slide out another menu which of several modes within the 3DORBIT command will give the user options to switch modes. Note the numbers to the side of each mode setting. While in 3DORBIT mode, selecting the number next to the mode setting will enable that mode without having to use the context menu to switch modes.


This will give users the ability to switch modes dynamically within the 3DORBIT command.

Bonus Tip: Using transparent 3DORBIT via keyboard shortcut allows user to transparently enter 3DORBIT with or with no commend active.  Use the shift Key and hold down scroll button to ativate the command.

Another bonus tip: Use 3DORBITCTR command to center the pivot point around a point in the workspace.

Extra Bonus Tip: Use 3DFORBIT to isolate and rotate selected objects. Select the objects first before invoking the command.