Below is a list of instructions for our Autodesk software users to follow for installing new seats:

Step 1) Download Installer: 

-Go to

-On the command line at the bottom of the screen, Type download


-Select product and version, then click Next

-Select the operating system and language, then click Next

-Under Browser Download, download all parts




-Depending on what version of Windows you are using
-Installer files will either go to downloads folder, or you can save them where you want but all files need to be in the same folder

Step 2) Installation: 

-Log on as an Administrator
-Empty your TEMP folder. To open the TEMP folder, type %TEMP% in the address bar of Windows Explorer and hit Enter
-Disable your Antivirus software
-Disable UAC
-Click Windows Start button and type UAC
-Click on Change User Account Control settings
-Move the Slider to Never Notify
-Click OK to make the change effective
-Open Location of installer files
-Run part one
-You will be asked to select a destination for extraction. Click Ok to accept the default destination
-Wait for the extraction to finish, when done the installation splash screen will appear
-Select Install
-Click I Agree to Terms of Agreement and click next
-Click Install to start installation
-When Installation is done click Finish

Step 3) Post Installation:

-Open the Autodesk Desktop App
-Sign In with your Autodesk account information
-Apply updates to the software installed
-Apply anything that says Service Pack, Update, and Hot Fix
-Anything else will be Add-Ins for software (Only install the ones you need)
-Launch software
-When Activation splash screen appears
-Network Activation
-Select activate as a network license
-Enter server name and hit next
-Standalone Activation
-Select activate as a Standalone license
-Enter serial number and product key and hit next

Software Installed

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