Turn “Lasso”…. into “Let’s Go!” 

By Isaac Harper, AEC Industry Specialist, ATG USA


If you do a search on the internet you might feel that people have led you to believe that you were “roped” into using LASSO selection inside AutoCAD, considering there are probably more posts showing you how to turn it off, then there are posts showing you everything it can do!

So, I wanted to take the time to go over some pretty cool things it can do, as well as cover some additional features that were not mentioned the first time you may have encountered it, that way you can see what they are and so can make the best educated decision on what is best for you and your workflow!

First, let’s start with was is LASSO selection, (Just in case yourself, or someone turned it off when you decided right away that you didn’t like it before you got a chance to use its full functionality.)

4 years ago, I blogged: In order to create a LASSO selection you simply start like you are going to make object selection with an automatic Crossing or Window, but instead of picking two points to make the box; when you click the first point keep the left mouse button held down (known as press and drag) and move the mouse around the selection of the objects you are selecting, then release the mouse button when are done creating the selection shape. Similar to Crossing and Window Selection methods the rules are the same. If you draw your shape in the counter-clockwise direction you will get a “windowed selection” (objects must be completely inside the lassoed area) OR drawing in the clockwise direction will make a “crossing selection” (objects can be inside or just touch the lassoed area) in order to be selected.





































Another interesting thing about the LASSO selection method is, unlike the WPolygon and the WPolygon selections, in LASSO the shape CAN intersect itself and it will still work!







































And of course (like everyone else I had to mention that the LASSO control can be turned ON or OFF by the “Allow press and drag for Lasso” in the Options dialog box under the Selection tab.

It was a different way of working and took some time to adjust too, (much like the Ribbon was when it was introduced to replace the Toolbars.) But the hardest thing to remember (and control) besides the freehand sketching with the mouse, was in your beginning slight movements was which option you were going to get, it was like something out of the Matrix… “Will I get the Blue one or will I get the Green one?”

But here is something that was never mentioned back then…

It’s now a lot easier to control. Did you know that if you tap the SPACEBAR while doing the LASSO command, it will start to toggle between Window, Crossing, or Fence option?














































Like anything, it takes some practice and repetitiveness to get really good and quick and quick at it…

But with that being said, perhaps it’s time to give Lasso selection another try, to see if it can help you speed up your everyday workflow?


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