Typically to provide the most rapid response for helpdesk cases, we recommend that when submitting notes on user issues to send screen shots of errors that occur to cause loss of use and the steps taken that you encounter it.

Where issues pertaining to the ALDM occur, the complexity and variety of possible problems require us to collect data from several sources.

To speed resolution of ADLM issues, here are steps of what we will typically request for our troubleshooting efforts.

  • Perform a screen capture from client system attempting to start up product. With the error dialog box active; use the following key stroke to capture the error message without the entire screen or dual screen. Hold down <alt> key and tap “prt sc” key. Use Paste to paste it in the body of your email in a Word doc.
  • Attach in the email the license file from the ADLM License folder located from this path:
    • C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\License
    • Attach in the email the debug log located from this path:
      • C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\Debug
      • The debug log file is not an optional setting and the license manager will not start correctly without a valid path and file name specified. You should make sure that you specified a location and file name for the debug log on the Config Services tab of LMTOOLS.
      • Start LMTools and browse to the Config Services tab. Bump the three fields listing the lmgrd, License file name, and path to debug so that the contents of the file names can be seen at the end of the fields as in the image below.

Blog LMTools

  • This helps us verify three items from this screen shot; the proper lmgrd executable is being used. The path to the license file. The path to the debug log.
  • Options ADSKFLEX.opt file from this folder location.
    • C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager
    • Next we will get screen shots of Server Status and Server Diags tabs.
      •  In Server Status tab Perform Status Enquiry and highlight the results in the larger window below, copy and paste into either a Word doc of Notepad text file. Either is fine.
      • In Server Diags  tab click on Perform Diagnostics and do same to copy and paste into the same Word doc or Notepad. Save and attach in the email as well.

So to recap; send the screen capture of the error message from the client system license file, log file, options file, screen capture result of Status Enquiry and Server Diagnostics.

Send all documentation to us and we can get underway in troubleshooting.