Ten Reasons Why It Is Time To Move To BIM

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Ten Reasons Why It Is Time To Move To BIM

You’ve heard the rumble in the industry surrounding BIM…but is it a reality or just a passing fad?  Is it really worth the changes you’ll have to make to your software, hardware and process?  Does the thought send shivers up your AEC spine?  Well you are not alone!  So many government offices have been dragging their feet hoping this whole BIM phenomena will just disappear and go away.  Isn’t it just so much easier doing things the same old way day in and day out? While it might be easier for now – there is a big price to pay should you stay with your good old CAD system and not make a full-fledged move to the world of BIM.  You will ultimately be making poorer design decisions, spending more money, needing more people and spending more time on your projects.  So, while your cozy CAD system may seem like the route to take now, it’s only a matter of time before your department will become antiquated and ineffective. And what about your personal skillset?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could add a good dose of BIM knowledge to your resume?  Think about it!     I feel your pain…as an AutoCAD guru for much of my career, I have thrived in the world of CAD.  But as I’ve traveled the world and worked with various AEC firms and governments, the writing is on the wall. It’s only a matter of time before CAD is out and BIM is in (and many would argue we are already there).  BIM adoption is on the rise…CAD adoption is diminishing.  Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of BIM over CAD. P.S.  I’d like to plug the Dodge Smart Market Report as it contains all types of facts and figures about BIM should you need to make your case to management!

The Dodge Smart Market Report shows the biggest advantages of making the move to BIM.

Advantages of Making the Move to BIM:

  • Fewer Construction Change Orders:  Statistics show that companies who move to BIM have fewer RFIs and save money overall in the construction phase of a project. With an estimated 30% of construction dollars wasted every year on projects – BIM has a tremendous amount to offer here.
  • An Increase in Prefabrication:  More model driven prefabrication will ultimately improve returns.


  • The ability to do Clash Detection: With a robust Building Information Model, you’ll be able to conduct as many clash detections as needed to ensure a clash-free model before you ever start construction! That means less emergency fixes on the jobsite.

  • You can perform energy, structural, and environmental analysis on a Building Information Model: you’ll have the ability to make intelligent decisions based on the results of these analyses and alter your designs accordingly.


  • BIM leads to more accurate scheduling and sequencing: Done properly, you’ll be able to schedule all aspects of construction more accurately!  Who wants to pay for heavy equipment to just sit around?  Do you have materials showing up before their time?  Or even worse, arriving too late?  BIM can help you plan the construction schedule much more accurately (and there is plenty of software available to help you do this as well).
  • Quantification: You’ll be able to more closely estimate the total cost of your project (and who wouldn’t want that?)
  • Better multiparty communication and understanding from 3D visualization: Not everyone can understand a 2D drawing!  Nearly everyone can understand a nice 3D rendered model (which practically looks like a photograph).With the technology that exists today you can walk inside/outside the 3D model and fully experience the end result.  How about constructing a building (or a bridge, or a roadway) with no idea what the outcome is supposed to look like save a 2D CAD drawing?  I don’t even like to cook a recipe without a picture!  And how about communicating your design vision to begin with?  When you’re dealing with a 3D model…you remove the mystery from the equation.


  • Increased Certainty and Safety: Imagine being able to trust the model so much that you could cut the holes for your systems in advance!  Do that when it’s safe, on the ground and not when they are in place up in the air.  So many construction decisions can be made ahead of time instead of the traditional “winging it” that often leads to injury and unsafe practices.  
  • And the number one attraction for you CAD users! Drawing views, elevations, schedules, etc. are generated from the model!  All of the construction documents are taken off of the 3D model.  All of the details, schedules, section views, etc are also taken from the model.  This means that if the model changes – so do all of your construction documents!  Everything updates automatically!  No more going through all of the sheets to makes sure you updated every little change (how tedious!).  I’m telling you, once you’ve fully embraced BIM you’ll just be so much happier!
  • Now you can truly think Design and not CAD: And I promise you that once you have fully made the move to BIM…you won’t look back…

There’s never been a better time then now to make the move to BIM. So, if you’re thinking about it…get those wheels in motion and start to make it happen! Your government reseller can help you be successful in making the transition.   Applied Technology Group is a Platinum Autodesk Business Partner. Founded in North Little Rock, Ark., in 1992 as a local computer services company, ATG has grown to become a leading design technology partner with the purpose of assisting customers in maximizing the value and adoption of advanced technologies so they can perform competitively in the AEC sector. ATG collaborates with customers across the Gulf South, Midwest and Southwest through partnerships with 3DR, Autodesk, Leica, Microsoft and Panzura. Learn more about our company at www.atgusa.com. Autodesk and the Autodesk logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries.

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