Why ATG? Team Augmentation


Why ATG? Team Augmentation

  ATG’s Team Augmentation group is pleased to offer you a growing suite of contract services designed to deliver our technical specialists’ industry expertise to meet your company’s immediate challenges. Our services include, but are not limited to; Model Auditing, Coordination and Quality Control Review, AutoCAD Drafting, Revit Modeling & Rendering, Revit Template Building, Revit Family Building, Civil 3D Modeling, Corridor Meeting and much more. Team Augmentation services are scoped and contracted to complete a particular project at an hourly rate, or on a project basis. Scalable based on project needs and desired collaboration and availability, ATG Team Augmentation works with your schedule in mind. ATG’s Team Augmentation members include Scott Pruitt, AIA, Mandy Breckenridge, AIA, James Hughes, AIA, Shane McLain, Zach Barker and Colton Haney. Read below to hear their discussion on the benefits they offer customers and why potential clients would want to utilize their services. Can you describe what ATG Team Augmentation does?  Scott Pruitt, AIA, Team Lead, “Many of our customers find themselves temporarily overloaded with work, but not quite ready to upsize their firm. Some are new to Revit and would like an experienced user as part of their team on the front end. Regardless of the reason, Team Augmentation becomes part of our customer’s project team, ultimately helping them deliver their projects on schedule and to their standards. Working hand-in-hand with customers is definitely one of our strengths and what we love most about our jobs.” What are some of the benefits of using ATG Team Augmentation? Zach Barker, “Our customers get peace of mind knowing that a team of professionals are working hand-in-hand with them to help get their job(s) completed within deadlines, while keeping their projects billable. We offer guaranteed outcomes and profitability within all of our customer’s timeframes.” Who would need to utilize ATG Team Augmentation services? Shane McLain, “Any architectural, civil, or engineering firm that is pressed for time to complete a project quickly and accurately would need to utilize ATG Team Augmentation services.” What services does Team Augmentation offer?  Mandy Breckenridge, AIA, “ATG Team Augmentation provides a wide range of scanning, modeling and drafting services including, but not limited to: Laser Scanning, Laser Scanning & Modeling, 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Template Builds, 3D (Revit) Family Creation. It is important to note that ATG Team Augmentation is not a Design Service and does not provide stamped drawings to our customers. Our purpose and intention is to document your drawings to your standards. We rely heavily on our customers to provide clear project and design direction (sketches, redlines, past project examples) for our team to best understand and meet your expectations.” Does ATG Team Augmentation services save customers time and money? Colton Haney, “One of the key benefits of Team Augmentation is that our services are project specific. Our staff can be contracted to help with a final push on a project, saving both time and money. We work very closely with customers to make sure all of their needs are met and we can use as many hands as needed to make sure the project(s) have the completion date that matches the customer’s needs. We help you realign staff and project schedules, without hiring permanent additional employees.” What kind of schedule can customers expect from ATG Team Augmentation? Scott Pruitt, AIA, Team Lead, “The expected schedule is always addressed and analyzed prior to signing a contract with Team Augmentation. Once part of your team, your schedule becomes our schedule.” Why should a customer choose ATG Team Augmentation over another firm that offers the same services? James Hughes, AIA“ATG Team Augmentation is unique in its willingness to incorporate more help as it is needed for each project. Our dedication to each customer makes us an easy choice when looking for help on any project- large or small.” To learn more, contact Scott Pruitt today at 1-800-935-4894.   Applied Technology Group is a Platinum Autodesk Business Partner. Founded in North Little Rock, Ark., in 1992 as a local computer services company, ATG has grown to become a leading design technology partner with the purpose of assisting customers in maximizing the value and adoption of advanced technologies so they can perform competitively in the AEC sector. ATG collaborates with customers across the Gulf South, Midwest and Southwest through partnerships with 3DR, Autodesk, Leica, Microsoft and Panzura. Learn more about our company at www.atgusa.com.   Autodesk and the Autodesk logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries.

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