Tales from the Helpdesk Crypt – System Requirements for Autodesk License Manager 11.12 (ADLM) Excludes Server 2003.

Hot on the heels of End of Service for Windows XP OS, Autodesk 2015 products not supported on XP and Vista OS is another item to consider.

Autodesk License Manager System Requirements Exclude Support for Microsoft Server 2003. This means the only supported OSs are based on this link;

System Requirements for the Network License Manager

First, our recommendation is to upgrade the servers OS if the server has met to system requirements of the Server OS. Otherwise,  everything else should be considered as a workaround to the best case scenario.

For those who chose to remain on ADLM 11.11, what happens when users attempt to start their 2015 product with ADLM 11.11? They’ll get a 0.0.0 error meaning that there is no license on server. ADLM 11.11 does not recognize the feature codes of the 2015 products. So ADLM 11.12 is required to get licenses to networked seats.

One possibility to get around this is to install ADLM 11.12 on a PC with Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Ultimate and use that as a “ADLM Server” to sit alongside the server and point the client seats to this PC. Consider however that the costs to run any additional PC hardware 24/7 with full power settings (NO sleep or hard drive shutdowns) is not very economical or sustainable with the cost being in the neighborhood of $300/yr plus cooling costs. It can certainly be a temporary workaround until a new server is commissioned or the older server OS is upgraded.

Another option would to install and use Autodesk License Manager 11.7 on the Microsoft Server 2003 OS. For whatever reasons the feature codes of 2015 and older versions are recognized on ADLM 11.7. CADsoft hasn’t the opportunity to attempt this.

We have a good source of discussion to review this topic from a discussion thread here started by Travis Nave; an expert in all things about ADLM. With a link in the discussion to where to get ADLM 11.7 to use in lieu of ADLM 11.12.

Autodesk License Manager 11.1x to 11.7 Hack

The discussion revolves around 2015 products and ADLM 11.12 with suggestions how to get around the exclusion of Microsoft Server 2003 support with ADLM 11.12 with use of ADLM 11.7 as a workaround.

Feel free to partake in this discussion or contact us at support@cadsoft-consult.com with questions or if we can direct you to other resources about this.