Where are is install documentation?

In the yellow circle of the image above at the bottom of the installation screen. There are three installation documentation to use as reference. They are the Installation Help, System Requirements and the Readme. I recommend before installing to take some time to review these three items.


Where do I find the Autodesk Network License Manager?

The installation media the product ships or is downloaded from contains the latest version of the Autodesk Network License Manager (ADLM).


For 2013 products using networking licensing, the latest version of ADLM11.10 is needed to successfully run most Autodesk products off the license manager. To install the 10.10 version it is necessary to uninstall the older ADLM via the Control Panel. In the above image you will find under Install Tools & Utilities (see image below) the contents of which includes the license manager installation. It is necessary through the Control Panel to remove the older ADLM product before attempting to install the newer version. While the uninstall process in the Control Panel will not delete the license file and debug log, copy contents of the current folder in: C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager to a location in the Desktop.

Do I really have to read the WHOLE EULA from the installation dialog box?

If you do not want to be bothered with reading the End User License Agreement  (EULA) on the License Agreement page you can open the ELUA from the root of the install media EULA folder in the install media. Handy if you want to send it to your firm’s legal department.


Why do I get a invalid product key even though they match from the subscription site or email?

See the green check mark next to the product key? If you are having issues with the Product Key being showing with a red ‘X’ mark, it’s a possibility because the product key has a hidden encoding that is being copied and pasted into that location from a webpage or even email. Just type it in to be sure there are no hidden encoding being pasted into the field.

I am getting warnings to close the monitor.exe, what do I do?

Just open the Start Task Manager and look for monitor.exe under the Processes tab. and End Process at lower right button. No harm no foul.












Should I configure every product’s installation settings?

It’s necessary that we expand each category of product  and review what’s getting installed and where they go as well as any updates that need to be applied so go through EVERY product install. Suppose you intended to just setup to use Architecture as a Discipline?


How about if the installation should be customized rather than typical?



It’s well worth the effort to make sure your relevant product is setup beforehand. Especially if you are making network or multi-seat standalone as the single image created is duplicated on all seats.

How the heck to I path the folder for my content on the server?

I had a user briefly stymied with the inability to set the path to the server after setting the mode to Shared he had to hover his mouse of the vicinity where the Browse button will then show up to let him click on the button so to path where the content locations on the server are located.


Note that to display the browse button at the right side its necessary to activate it click once or twice to the middle so that it shows.

There’s a lot more tips and hope that this gets you started!