There have been some interesting developments with the version of the Network License Manager (NLM).

There are different ways to install the Autodesk License Manager. These install methods are; install from the setup install in teh media, from the NLM download site and from browsing to the folder in the install media. This blog covers installing from the NLM  install media downloaded Autodesk website Autodesk Network License Manager for Windows.

As a base of reference, the most frequent way install the NLM is by browsing to the installation media itself and starting the setup.

02-Folder setup install

As a result this step to install the License Manager take us through the process of selecting the Install Tools & Utilities.01-Browse to Install tools and Utilities

After the normal LICENSE AND SERVICES AGREEMENT statement page, note in the next image below that as far as specifying the install path and other settings, this method while pointing to the C:\Program Files\Autodesk does not actually install the NLM to folder as indicated. In fact after the install it will be found at C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager rather than C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager as expected.

04-Previous folder path

But in we see the NLM installed to C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager. This doesn’t work for two reasons. First, the placement of NLM in the C:\Autodesk folder is a problem since that C:\Autodesk folder is typically where software from downloads are uncompressed into for installing from. That is a problem because the NLM is a critical component to running product software in an office, it’s just not a recommended location. Second, Microsoft mandates all programs to be installed to the C:\Programs Files folder.05-Default path in wrong folder

One way to ensure the install path is C:\Program Files so that NLM is placed correctly, it is necessary to insure the override sticks. Follow this Process;

Download and run the Network License Manager from this link Downloading the Network License Manager. The link provides a more interactive install of the license manager than from installing it from the normal install media.

Note in the image below the user can specify a location to install the NLM from the setup.

06-Specify Install path

07-Pathing install path

After setting the path, the product will install correctly and safely to the Programs Files folder.

08-All done

This way the NLM program is placed in a safer location away from being deleted inadvertently.