Wacky Revit 2010 RibbonSo you figured out that you can ‘tear off’ parts of the Revit 2010 ribbon interface, and place them where you want, did ya? In fact, you’re lucky enough to have 2 monster sized displays and you put some of your favorite and most often used panels on one screen while your model is on the other? Sweet!

You also figured out how to customize your QAT, or Quick Access Toolbar (from one of our great YouTube videos, of course). But now for some reason, your interface has gone a bit crazy. You want to go back to square one. How can you just restore the interface back to the factory settings? Easy! Just download this nifty script:

Autodesk Revit Architecture UI Reset.vbs (vbs – 6Kb)

This little nugget will set your Ribbon, QAT, and Project Browser back to Autodesk factory settings, and you’re ready to start tweaking again.
Be aware that this script removes a Windows Registry key and may delete a file on your computer. Use at your own risk! On the plus side, we’ve used it several times with no side effects. Nice!