Revit: Improved Process for Sheet Creation

How long does it take for you to setup a project in Revit? What about for sheet creation? With all the tools available on the market, it still takes time to setup and account for sheets. Smaller firms or firms with only out of the box Revit know that setting up sheets in Revit is a daunting task.

With Revit expanding the industry to heavier information with less emphasis on plotting due to Bluebeam, we are seeing many more expanded sets of plans. The days of a minimalist set of plans, where we could include whole electrical power, lighting and systems in six to eight sheets (including demo) are gone.

With that being said, we are looking at ways to improve our sheet creation processes with minimal effort and maximized results. There are several options out there to speed up your sheet creation time, but none of them are an all-in-one option. Here are some options to speed up the approach on sheet creation in Revit:

  • Use a sheet list schedule
  • Create a container model and pull sheet sets across from that model
  • Include a preset number of sheets in your starter project
  • Keep a spreadsheet with sheet naming and numbering conventions
  • Setup several sheet lists in a container model based on project type and deliverable expectations

Reference Materials

When it comes to project setup, there are countless factors I go through to make sure I am accounting for as much of the deliverable process as possible. Here are a few reference materials:

  • Blog: Telecom and Audio-Visual Setup: Revit MEP Plan Sheet Creation – Learn about Revit MEP for Telecom and Audio-Visual project setup. You’ll overview workflows for sheet organization with numbering and naming.
  • Webinar: Sheet Creation: The Schedule Way (Below) – Set up a schedule to create sheets in Revit and add filters, categories and names to increase productivity 


Prior to setting up and creating our sheets, there are some prerequisites we need to take care of. To create sheets in Revit at an efficient pace, we will start with:

  • Understanding our scope and designated deliverables
  • Account for coversheet, plan views, enlarged plans, details, schedules, isometrics and diagrams
  • Load in our title block
  • Create our sheet list schedule
  • Add any project parameters that may be needed for sheet browser organization


1. View tab> Create Panel> Schedules> Sheet List

2. Sheet list properties> Fields> Available Fields

  • Sheet Number
  • Sheet Name

3. Sheet List Properties> Sorting/Grouping

4. Modify Schedule/ Quantities> Sheet Composition> Sheet

5. Clear out all inactive views

6. New Sheet> {select titleblocks} > Ok

7. To move back to you sheet list, use your keyboard and hold down “Ctrl” & “Tab” to cycle back to your sheet list.

8. Repeat after each sheet is created.

9. Renumber in sheet schedule as you go (Revit follows a numbering sequence when creating sheets)

10. Rename in sheet schedule after sheets are created.


With an improved sheet creation process, you have all you need to expedite the project setup process in out of the box Revit.

This blog is written by Sr. MEP Technical Specialist Joe Levija.

Behind the Blog: Meet Joe Levija

Joe graduated in 2015 with an AS in drafting & design and has been in the industry, professionally, since 2015. Joe has a variety of experience working in AutoCAD and Revit throughout his whole career and while in school.  Within the MEP sector, he has experience in low voltage (telecom, audio visual, security camera, access control, paging and some fire alarm) as a lead drafter and power user while also assisting with project work and project setup for Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical/ HVAC. As a power user for those industries, he has helped to move multiple companies from AutoCAD into Revit while setting standards and training current staff.

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