I should be keeping an eye on Autodesk Labs more often.

This site has several great plug-in or add-ons. Many of these features have been improved on due to user feedback and become part of subsequent versions of Autodesk products. In addition to plug-ins and add-ons, the Labs offer technology previews of standalone products such as Project Galileo, a standalone conceptual design tool for infrastructure planning on urban planning project.

We have run into workflow issues where in the normal course of iterative design changes we need to easily renumber rooms in the manner that remains consistent with the flow of the floor design. Many instances where users need to add and remove rooms create instances where we need to renumber rooms either systematically from a schedule or by selecting in the plan view and changing the room number dynamically without the constant warnings that room a number matches another room(s). So, I wanted to point out a forthcoming plugin for Revit from Autodesk Labs.  This site at Autodesk Labs – Plugin of the Month is showing as teaser Room Renumbering for Revit that is coming in March. Apparently we have been waiting for this functionality to be part of the Revit product. Like most of us, I don’t have the full details of the forthcoming plug-in, but keep watching this site and when it arrives in March grab it by creating a user account and reading the fine print. I will be watching and participating in the review of the plug-in myself.

These offering are not intended for production use, and if you do so, please keep in mind it is at your own risk. Additionally, be sure to understand many of these technology review offerings might have a limited time frame that they will operate and user feedback is solicited in order to improve on the products and plug-ins.