Today, I wanted to Blog about something different, something new, and something exciting! So, I decided to talk about one of the Autodesk lab projects, “Project Snap”. Basically, it is the next super-generation of the Design Center. Project Snap makes all of your content searchable similar to a Google search engine and it allows Autodesk users to connect to their design content (DWG, RVT, IAM), regardless of where the data resides and instantly locates design content without leaving AutoCAD. Project Snap creates an index of your data based on where you want it to look (local or network folders, Autodesk Seek, Autodesk Buzzsaw, Autodesk Vault). This index of design metadata looks at file properties, and even objects in files, and objects like blocks, text, attributes, fields, dimensions, leaders, Hyperlinks… (The list goes on and on.) Another great thing about this is it is easy to use inside a Find Content Palette similar to the other pallets right inside AutoCAD.

Here is an example of how you could use Project Snap.  Let’s say that you are looking for a particular content that resides somewhere on your network. You don’t remember the name of the file or where it is even located… you just remember a layer name, or a number in the drawing, or a block name, or even just part of a piece of text anywhere in the drawing… Anything!  With this download from Project Snap from the Autodesk labs page… You could type that little bit of information that you are looking for in the search field and it will find it in a SNAP! It will display all the files that it found as a match, you and use operators like “AND”, “OR” and even special characters to indicate you are looking for a numeric value… and so on all in a single interface. If that that is not cool enough (which it is!) you can then use it to open the file and double click on it and it will zoom you to the area on the screen for you to view it. If there are multiple matches, you will have an Icon for each one of them to zoom in on, and even share this content form drawing to drawing. This is very exciting and I cannot wait for it to be introduced in more  Autodesk products. For more information on Project Snap here is a link to their site… or here’s a video for a quick sneak peak of Project Snap.

Did all of you enjoy hearing about his and would you like for me include more exciting ideas that Autodesk labs are working on in future blogs? Give me your feed back!

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  1. Very cool tool, Isaac. I hadn’t heard of Project Snap before, but I’ll definitely check it out! I’m always trying to find design files that I haven’t worked on in a while and can’t quite remember where they are. It’s great that it works with Revit files too. 🙂

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