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Mechanical, Inc. has over 20 full-time CAD technicians working on their BIM projects. Their company philosophy is that CAD drawings allows their installations to be safer, more productive and are higher quality. Even when full BIM is not required or supported by the project team, Mechanical, Inc. will use 3D CAD as their standard operating procedure. Additionally, because the BIM process requires a host Model Manager to bring each trade’s BIM drawings together, Mechanical, Inc. makes a point to run collision checks. In January of 2018, members of the VDC management team were encountering issues with slow-running systems and regular afternoon crashes that required a change.


“Our BIM team was using another brand of systems that could not easily handle the amount of file storage that Revit was running on,” said Travis Voss, Leader of Innovative Technology at Mechanical, Inc. “We were losing valuable time and production value dealing with the daily crashes. We called Buck Davis, Director of Technology of BIMBOX, in January of 2018 to discuss our issues. He came on-site to our office in Chicago and we knew immediately that this was the right choice for us. We originally bought 10 of the Stryker systems that immediately changed the way we were able to take on work that freed up more drawing time and accelerated production time. These systems are built for the specific software we use. We did our research beforehand and BIMBOX performed the fastest on time trials. The return on investment has been to the max with the time-saving capabilities. In less than 6 months, we purchased 10 more systems. Now, our VDC department comprised of 20-plus members, each have their own Stryker.


“Partnership is the perfect word to describe what we have with BIMBOX. Buck designed the hardware specifically the way we wanted with a quick turn-around on our preffered colors and incorporated our logo. I’ve recommended BIMBOX to several of my friends at other firms,” said Travis. 

“Partnership is the perfect word to describe what we have with BIMBOX. I’ve recommended BIMBOX to several of my friends at other firms.”

Travis Voss

Leader of Innovative Technology, Mechanical, Inc.

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Whenever we talk to companies looking to make the change over to BIMBOX, benchmarks are a great place to start. Typically, we are 39-300% faster than existing systems.