This morning was the August Green Roundtable meeting, considering the topic “Greenbuild 09: Understanding
the New Green Economy

Pics from Green Roundtable 7-11-09

Pics from Green Roundtable 7-11-09

As usual, this was a great networking event for anyone involved in any sort of green initiatives. I was there to meet with primarily with architects and designers interested in learning how they can use software technology to assess energy, daylight, and resource requirements of their buildings. I had the pleasure of meeting with several architects who are very much involved in the effort to design buildings that are in line with the goals of LEED and the USGBC at large. Products from Autodesk like Ecotect Analysis and Green Building Studio have green designers really excited!

It was also pretty cool to see how many other types of business were represented here. There were several people from the public sector or government, who are involved in grant writing and financing for green/sustainable projects, plumbing companies that focus on products and materials that conserve water, paint companies that only use products with low VOC counts and have low environmental impact, and even cleaning companies that only use cleaning products that are not hazardous to people or the local ecosystems. I really like seeing all these diverse groups come together to support the green movement.

Today we heard Melissa Kemp, the Chapter Growth Consultant for the West Region of the U. S. Green Building Council, speak about the benefits of joining your local chapter of the USGBC. As you may know, for a company to join the national USGBC, it costs and is open only to companies, not individuals. However, everyone is encouraged to join the local chapter — it’s open to individuals, it has tons of benefits, and IT’S FREE! Sign up for the Arizona Chapter of USGBC.

Next up, Beth Vershure, Arizona Host Committee Executive Director, USGBC Arizona, Greenbuild 2009, gave a presentation about the upcoming national green building convention that will be hosted here in Phoenix. This is going to be an incredible event to be a part of! Beth has a wonderful background in non-profits, fund raising, and public television and she emphasized that it’s important for all of us in the green community to help get the word out there about the benefits of this event. Even when an event is very heavily marketed, probably only half of the Phoenix population is aware of it. Spread the word!