However, AutoCAD 2014 has made some long awaited enhancements to theirs. The big difference between is unlike the rough comparison that a certain green guy tried to explain to a donkey, the newest features in AutoCAD 2014 Layers make complete sense!


The first thing Autodesk did was increase the number of layers that are displayed on the ribbon. The new display will fill the AutoCAD screen minimizing the need to having to scroll excessively to find the layer you want.




The next enhancement was that Layers are now displayed using natural ordered sort. Before they used a text version of sorting only so the numbering would never turn out correctly. (example: All the 1’s would come before the 2’s and so on in the first position.) And the only workaround was to add zeros to hold the places. Now they work as a natural order of Alpha-Numeric sorting.




The new Merge option inside the Layer Manager enables you to select one or more layers from the layer list and merge the objects from those layers onto a different target layer and the original layers are automatically purged from the 3drawing.







I hope that you enjoy these new AutoCAD 2014 Layer enhancements and features as much as I am.
Until next time, have a safe 4th of July!